Wednesday, September 29, 2010

[Preview] Playful Kiss / Mischievous Kiss Episode 9 shorter preview

Bloody 'ell.. why am I crying watching this preview??

It's just that I think Oh Hani's expression, as she watches Seung Jo, is becoming more and more heartrendingly desperate and vulnerable. Waaaaaaa...

Know what? If you ask me which Naoki Irie version is meaner, I would say it's Baek Seung Jo. Because he can be affectionate and close in one moment and completely unreadable in the next. At least the other versions are cold and scathing throughout the show.

He giveth her hope and he taketh it away..

I think I'll be spending the next few episodes in a perpetual state of murderous rage at this guy, simply because he has the power to completely destroy the girl with a single decision. That's bad. That's very bad.

I've read this manga where a girl went wacko on her high school crush.. stalking and threatening his girlfriend, believing that they're in love and about to get married, and at last trying to kill herself coz he won't capitulate to her fantasies.

I'm just glad this manga gives the Kotoko character a happy ending. Can you imagine a dramaverse where Kotoko ends up not getting Naoki Irie (like Hanazawa Rui not getting Makino in Hana Yori Dango)?

Watching Oh Hani's face when Seung Jo announces that he's moving out... it feels like her universe is about to cave in. So much hurt on her face.

This is why I don't like falling in love. Love sucks. I'd rather watch other people fall in love in movies and dramas while bashing them on their foolishness. Yes, I'm a coward.. so what? It's my heart, right?


(I wish we can have ep 9 & 10 back-to-back so we don't have to wait until Friday to complete this arc *impatient*)

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