Thursday, September 2, 2010

‘Mischievous Kiss’ 2nd episode is still low at 3.7%

Lemme recap some of the comments in other blogs I surfed on why rating is important for the benefit of people like me who don't care about rating much when we choose which drama to watch:
  • Hyung (KHJ) may well face a hard time ahead as an actor to get lead roles.. which is bad news for him as he is in Keyeast more to be an actor than a singer. Even in SS501, he has never been the strongest singer.. that would be Young Saeng, of course
  • Advertisements will be affected, which means the production quality will be affected too (no money, no frills)
  • CF opportunities for cast members will suffer
  • MBC likes to cancel shows prematurely if it’s not performing well (e.g. Strike Love and Tamra)
Of all the above, the last one chills me the most. I can't imagine how hyung and the rest of the production staff will feel if that happens. I wish I can send him some hugs, but he'd probably push me away screaming.. "I don't need your sympathy, I need good ratings!" LOL

Hyung is a tough guy, so I don't worry much about him. He'll bounce back, as usual. But it's his first effort as a lead actor and the low rating simply sucks. That said, I did wonder why he chose this role in the first place. He should choose a vigorous role that takes the viewers' mind away from comparing it to Boys Over Flowers.

Anyway, what's done is done. My loyalty is with hyung-kun, without a doubt. So there's no use worrying over things that may or may not happen. They're on to the races in the 2nd ep already? Does that mean they'll follow the pace of the anime? So hyung will be swinging a 5-ish year old girl hand-in-hand with Jung So Min by the end of the drama? (assuming MBC will let it continue to the end)

Another thing, please stop saying that once Baker King is over, the drama will pick up better rating. There'll be a drama with Rain next. Rain.. as in the international megastar Rain, ok. How is hyung gonna beat that one?? kim hyun joong vs lee seung gi vs rain. I'm in despair.

...and there's the strike issue as well. Hmm, life is difficult.

If  the drama content continues at this slowass pace (as so many people kept harping on in blog comments), it will have this suckily low rating forever. Mischievous Kiss no minna-san.. please work harder!

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