Monday, September 6, 2010

‘Mischievous Kiss’ 2nd episode re-run rating at 6.6%

Okay.. I cracked. I surfed around for the rating.. hehe. Well, this pretty much agrees with my prediction.. about 7%, which is what I think it should earn for its first 3 episodes instead of the lousy 3.5-ish.

The re-runs of the two episodes were broadcast on the 4th, and according to AGB Nielsen Media Research, it received ratings of 4.2% and 6.6%, higher than the original broadcast ratings of 3.5% and 3.7%.

...and it seems the strike has played a role in the low rating as well, somehow.

I also found a re-cap of both episodes. It always amuses me how viewers who claim to dislike the shows (dramas/movies/etc.) I like turned out to be the ones who wrote longass posts about them. I also like it when they confess that they're now liking what they've been kicking about like a can earlier. Love the positive comments too.

I dunno why they're so determined to see hyung fail at this from the start. A guy who everyone praises as a good dancer now, he used to be a rocker dude who was into guitar and knew nothing about dancing. Hyung can excel in anything if he puts his mind to it.. even academics. He's a workaholic. If he's determined to be a good actor, he'll work hard at it until he gets the recognition he wants. But along with hard work, he has that 'extra' something that can make even someone like me, who usually takes a looooong time to like an idoru, falls in love at first sight.

I leave you with a long preview of Episode 3. Is poking someone in the butt something that's regularly done by mascots in Korea? I'll have to be careful in theme parks if I ever get to visit there then.. :P

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