Thursday, September 23, 2010

[Preview] Playful Kiss / Mischievous Kiss Episode 8 subbed

This is only for oversea fans like me who have to wait until tonight to watch the episode.. gah! Torrent is a pain, but without it, I will be more tortured. So I'll just suffer this in silence.

My heart was beating faster when I watched the tennis-partnering scene. Seung Jo, you know you want to touch her.. pabo.

Ahhhhh.. He Ra confessed! Poor Hani. The weight of her inferiority complex musta been burdening her so much that she's actually thinking of saying goodbye to Seung Jo. As if he'll let her leave him.. ha!

But the last few minutes on Joon Gu in Episode 7 did make me go.. "Oh Hani, you should have married this sweetheart. You two would make a cute dorky couple".

...while He Ra and Seung Jo in Episode 7 earned a nickname from me: The Impenetrable Wall of Evil Twins. Don't you think they look like Evil Twins set to conquer the world with their manipulatively brilliant evil ways? I love the dynamics of these two couples.

And the Sunbae is absolutely awesome (I didn't catch his name). When he changed to Tennis Maniac Man, I was clapping and shouting already.. LOL. He's just like in the anime, minus the annoying Hitler mustache.. thank God for small favours.

The way this is going.. I think Seung Jo will be proposing to Hani in Episode 10. What do you think?

I love this version of Itazura na Kiss the most!!!

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