Sunday, September 26, 2010

[Updates] 260910 Kim Hyun Joong

  • Magazines:
- ASTA TV September 2010 Vol.38 (scans)
- Japan Magazine ‘Haru*Hana’ Oct / Nov Vol.001(scans)
- Junior Magazine Sept.2010 (scans)
- Japanese Magazine PIA No.10/31 (scans). Full translation (read here)
- FLIX Plus SkyPer! TV ~ Japan Magazine (scans)
- ‘SODA November 2010’ Japan Magazine (scans)
- Janan Magazine ‘Aishiteru! Kankoku Drama’ No.35 (scans). Full translation (read here)
  • A shop full of Kim Hyun Joong's face: The Face Shop (hyung's haven)
  • Playful Kiss /Mischievous Kiss NG - Kim Hyun Joong cut
  • KimHyunJoong - 2011 Japan Calender (scans)
  • KimHyunJoong @ Lake Mountain for Mischievous Kiss Shooting [10.09.24] (fanpic spam). Is this the "lake that is famous for breaking up lovers" scene? (video here, here and here)
  • What Kim Hyun Joong wore for Playful Kiss / Mischievous Kiss Episode 1-8 (look it up)
  • KimHyunJoong ‘The 1st Love Story’ Official Photos [10.09.25] (pic spam)
  • The backpacks I'd love to hate. I wish he'd just hang it over one shoulder instead of carrying it around like a kindergarten pupil. Is that how adult males in Korea carry their backpacks? (see for yourselves)
  • Translation on selected parts of an interview on MBC Section TV 24 Sept 2010 (here)
  • Kim Hyun Joong on the Samsung Advertising banner (look it up)
  • Codes Combine Clothing Sponsor (pic spam)
  • Kim Hyun Joong is one of the finalists of SkyPerfect TV Award 2010 (look it up)

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