Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Feeding the Kim Hyun Joong addiction

For those who've stumbled onto this blog, if you scroll down far enough.. you'll know that this blog is not dedicated to our awesome Leader but rather to a variety of stuff that strike my fancy at any particular time. That's why I've never intended to update on hyung's every move here.

So, being empathetic to my fellow hyung/KHJ/Hyun Joong/Leader addicts, I'm listing down the blogs that update regularly on him. Usually they also post updates on the other members of SS501 too (which I don't do here, sorry). They're very fast with his news and some come with in-house translations (by the blog mistresses or their friends). Have fun!

SS501 사랑해요


MoLeQ ObSeSSioN 김현중

allkpop - search Kim Hyun Joong

Hancinema - Kim Hyun Joong

501 Naughty Kisses


➄Ⓞ➀ 순간에는 ☆★☆★ 내머리가 기뻐서

Musings of the Obsessive Kind

My Cozy Li'l Corner

♥ Kim Hyun Joong/김현중 ♥ BOF's Yoon Ji Hoo, SS501's Leader, WGM's Shillang - 2nd thread, 3rd thread

Absolutely 501 Day

I'll update with more blog links when I find them, kay..  ^o^

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