Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Kim Hyun Joong-hyung's doppelganger

I have no idea why, despite being the reason I fell in love with Hyun Joong-hyung, I find myself unable to even look at Yoon Ji-Hoo's pictures now. It's like.. the moment the end credit rolled for Boys Over Flowers.. the loving feelings I have for the Korean-version of Hanazawa Rui turned into that of dislike. Maybe it's because of reading comments and watching shows where so many people compared hyung to Yoon Ji-Hoo when he's not much like that guy, if at all. Maybe because Yoon Ji-Hoo has become a role hyung has to always always run away from as he goes forward into his career. Reading the Playful Kiss reviews, I have an image of hyung being heatedly chased by a grinning Yoon Ji-Hoo while hyung is screaming, "LEAVE ME ALONE!!". I feel like telling the 'ghost' of Yoon Ji-Hoo to let go of Hyun Joong-hyung now as he has many other 'ghosts' he's looking forward to 'wrestle' in the future and that being the first 'ghost' to claim hyung doesn't mean anything special. It just means he's the first, that's all.

Do you know that there's a living, breathing Yoon Ji-Hoo existing in the Korean entertainment industry.. and as an actor, no less? I just found out about this, so for people who are currently rolling their eyes at my slowness, sorry for boring you with my meaningless discovery. Here he is.

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