Friday, September 24, 2010

Baek Seung Jo is asking you how to convert the decimal number 100 to binary.. ha!

I was wondering why I don't remember this.. and I looked it up. Hey, did we even have this in our syllabus back then?? I don't think so. I have a love-hate relationship with maths so I remember stuff that I had to memorize, or more like: "stuff I had to memorize so that I could forget it real quick when the exams were over".. you know, like formulas and shiz. And this looks like something I would have to memorize. Meh.

I wonder if the Malaysian Education System has come out with an updated syllabus crazier than the one we had in my time. My bro always looks like he's ready to jump off a cliff whenever he has a maths book in his hands. Poor bro.. ^^" (I understand that feeling very well).

Anyone who's crazy enough to know how to actually convert 100 to binary can look it up here and here. Have fun blowing your brains out.. LOL.

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