Tuesday, September 14, 2010

While waiting for Mischievous Kiss / Playful Kiss Episode 5 to be aired and uploaded...

Here's the preview to Episode 6:

Don't watch it if you hate spoilers~

  • Professional student uniform brand SkoolLooks is in charge of sponsoring the school uniforms for casts in MBC drama Playful Kiss. In order to commemorate this, SkoolLooks is opening an online event to give off signed school uniforms so long as participants attach photographs wearing school uniforms and then upload onto SkoolLooks’ homepage, where they would thus earn a chance to enter the lucky draw (read more). Ami says: Is this lucky draw limited to participants from Korea only?
  • Kim Hyun Joong-hyung received a landslide victory of 54%... after which behind him came MC cum actor Lee Seunggi from 'My girlfriend is Gumiho', and then Song Joongki from 'Sungkyunkwan Scandal', as well as 'Baker king Kim Tak Goo' Yoon Siyun... for "The artist whom you want to start a new relationship with this upcoming Fall" (read more). Ami says: How was the poll conducted? Internet? I don't like idiotic polls, but this one probably proves how popular he is with fans no matter the fate of his current project. If that's the case, he's at an iconic status now. For one so young, that's quite an achievement. This also probably means that most of the viewers contributing to the TV rating in Korea are ahjummas who are immune to cute stories of first loves between pretty boys and girls... that explains why they choose plot-heavy dramas over happy-yummy PK. Also, I think Triple S should stop all this "we the international fans versus them the Korean fans" shiz. Where do you think the 3% rating came from? We should applaud the faithfuls.. not bash them. Kim Hyun Joong-hyungnim is owned by all of us, kay. Share and share alike, I should say. O wellz...
  • SS501 Kim Hyun Joong first message @ official website - [translation] "These days I’ve learnt alot of the internet languages kkk, so I’ve got so many antis is it????? kk   Don’t worry guys, I’m okay kk, I’m enjoying the situation now kkk, very interesting ne. I sound like a pervert, ahaha k" (read more). Ami says: Like I wrote before, Leader is one cool dude. I'm not worried about him... just the fate of his drama (please please.. don't let that watzisnameagain network cut it short! I want to watch PK till the end of the story.. *sob*).

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