Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Lee William's newest work: Casualty (2008)

Ha! I'm a net detective, well.. as far as the guys I like are concerned.. LOL

He's in a new drama!! His entrance is waaaaaaaaay at the back of the clip though, around 8:42. But he looks as ravishing as eva.

I wish he'd be in more movies.. or at least in one very popular, big budget movie.. so it'd be easier for me to find him on youtube, or anywhere on the net for that matter.

And why is he not playing a lead role more often?? I'm peeved.

Anyway, why can't he have a stage name like "Colin Firth" (although Colin Firth is a real name hehe) so I don't have to wade through so many other Lee Williams to find his clips? Meh.

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