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[Picture recap] Playful Kiss Episode 10


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  • I shall not be held accountable for your losing interest in this episode because you look up my recap before you watch it. So watch episode 10 first, kay. 
  • I watched this episode RAW and I have no knowledge of Korean so please don't ask me what they're saying in the snapshots, if you do.. you will be ignored. 
  • The main objective of the picture recap posts is to spazz and re-live the thrill of watching that particular episode. Naturally, I want to prolong that hyper feeling so the more scenes I like in a particular episode, the longer the post will be and the more time I will need to finish it. Please be patient, it will take as long as it takes and...
  • If you want to further feed your PK addiction, there are also excellent places like Dramabeans and A Koala's Playground that do great episode recaps.
I've put some thoughts on Episode 10 here, and include some rambling predictions (spoiler alert!). Episode 10 is by far my most re-watched subtitle-less episode. I've revised some of my earlier opinions regarding Baek Seung Jo, made up my mind about some PK predictions and generally concluded that men can be as complicated as women when they put their mind to it. And Baek Seung Jo being a friggin' genius means that an issue can become 10,000 times more complicated than it should be. This is a guy who loves to puzzle over problems, and goes to great length to create them when the supply (of problems) run out. 

My mood is quite somber during one of the scenes (you'll find out which one soon) and it has somewhat coloured the way I recapped the pictures. I applaud Oh Hani for her dogged determination in winning this man. Yes, I think this episode has made a man out of him. He no longer 'feels' like a boy to me (but who knows what'll happen in future episodes, right?). Seeing him come out of the shower all mussed up and fresh with a sullen expression on his perfectly sculpted face finally made me understand why she can't seem to leave him alone despite all her best effort to do so. Oh Hani... FIGHTING! Anyway, I think I understand this quote better now:
A coward is incapable of exhibiting love; it is the prerogative of the brave.
(Mahatma Gandhi)

Picture recap... STAAAATO!
There's an echo going a thousand and one times in Hani's head: "Seung Jo's leaving me"
Oh Hani, look at me. OH..HA..NI..
Seung Jo who's totally ignoring his mother and brother at this point. Poor Mini Me. Who is he gonna copy now that his hyung is not around anymore? This scene gives us the visual to the saying: So near, yet so far. Baek Seung Jo, I admire your self-restraint. (yes, that is a sarcastic remark.. in case it's not obvious to everyone)
Hani's red eyes make me want to hug her and promise her everything will be okay,that he'll move back to his family home when they get married. But of course I can't reveal that to her coz it'll be a drama spoiler.
A girl always wants the man she loves to pine for her the way she pines for him when they're apart. Hate to break it to you gals, but they don't. Here's Baek Seung Jo showing you how it's done.
Joon Gu-ya, I'm cheering for you! (did you gals notice that he has lovely dimples when he smiles??)

*glum glum glum* I love cheerful Hani. And I think she's most cheerful when she's stalking Seung Jo. Forcing herself to stop following him around is taking a toll on her. She's completely lifeless during this period of separation. But still so cute though.
Balls just can't seem to be able to miss hitting Hani. Wherever she is and no matter what type of ball is bouncing around, it will unerringly find her head.
Lifeless Hani to Hyper Hani in the blink of an eye at the prospect of seeing Seung Jo.
Hair flip OMG. I rewinded this scene several times while giggling. Tennis-sunbae, you actually make me think you're cute... how could you?? Next thing I know, I'll be cheering for your one-sided love too just like I'm doing for Joon Gu.. demmit.
Hani's studying the menu very intently. I never thought I'd find a girl, who takes so much time to decide on what food she wants to order, super adorable while fussing over a menu. There's a first time for everything, I guess.
Yummy waiter, why aren't you on the menu?
Baek Seung Jo, I can't find you on the menu so I don't know what I'm supposed to order now...
Hani's finally here! Ottoke, ottoke, ottoke, ottoke, ottoke? Must keep calm... yes.
No sir, I'm not on the menu. Why not? Errrrm, because I'm a robot and therefore is inedible?
Look at the female species in the two pictures. Don't you think there's something familiar about them? *thinks* ...maybe they're both cannibals who have a preference for a certain human's flesh. The prey seems oblivious to the notion that he's about to be devoured if he doesn't watch out.
I'm waiting on Hani and feeding her food.. wow. Can't believe my luck! Be calm, my rapidly beating heart. Must put the plates with a thump so she won't notice that my hands are trembling.
Seung Jo....
Seriously, I don't understand how Seung Jo.. or any man for that matter.. can keep calm in the face of this temptation. She's abliciousolutely his for the taking.
Seung Jo's working hard at pretending that Hani's outstayed her welcome.
The face of a man resigned to his fate. That's right! Just give in! You know you want to ~
Ha! She's just as stalkerish as Hani is. Somehow, I find her more tolerable... and even amusingly funny... after this episode when I realized that she's just a regular annoying human girl and not the female version of I,Roboto after all.
Serves you right for missing that job application. Why did you leave him alone after he moved out? You should have continued stalking him and this job would have been yours in a jiff. Finders keepers! You'll never wear this apron so long as I'm alive.
The many faces of exultant Hera at earning her bragging right.
The IWETs are at it again... grrrrrr. Poor Hani looks on helplessly. I mean... arrrrrrgh! Why do you only look on helplessly, you slowly-decreasing-in-self-confidence puppy?? She's his evil twin.. he merely enjoys her company. He loves YOU! Get it?
Even though I look dishy in this regular looking shirt with idunnowhatandwhy medals decorating my muscly chest, this restaurant does not serve any type of human dish. Would you settle for chicken?
You mean, you are not on the menu?? This is species discrimination!! Why must it always be chicken?? Don't us humans deserve a spot on a menu too??
Do you notice the woman at far back? I bet that's Nameless (that's what she named herself in her comment), the one who wrote that long open letter in GF's post about stalking Seung Jo at his work place.. LOL. Sorry, can't resist. I'll stop with the tasteless joke now.
We've totally fooled him this time. He didn't even notice we're here! Our disguises are perfect!
Those two.. and Eun Jo too?? I can't believe it! They must've dragged him into this. I'm totally gonna wallop them this time... hmmmm
 The cutest dongsaeng this side of the galaxy.. Clark Eun Jo.
See, she even wears this cap to confirm his identity. He's not just just your average Mini Me. He's Super Mini Me!
What is this witch doing here?? And why is she wearing an unfashionable apron?
I'm wearing a pair of large diamond earrings to counter the undesirable effect my ugly apron is contributing to my image. See me smile my perfect smile and a flash of those babies, you'll soon forget I'm even wearing it. The apron, I mean.
Know what? Mrs. Baek is by far the prettiest actress on the set (sorry Jung So Min, but that's the truth according to me). They totally look like a couple in this shot. Her mummy hairstyle has so far made her "Seung Jo's mum" image believable... but with this straight hairstyle, no one can make us accept that they're mother and son, right?
Hera: Lemme handle this annoying stalker who's infringing on my stalking ground. How dare she not respect my claim on this place and any place within a 5 meter radius of wherever you are. You go and be a yummy waiter somewhere else.. kay?
Seung Jo: But but but but but... I haven't finished bullying her! Aww shucks.. alright. Have it your way. But I'm warning you... don't make her cry! Her tears are mine.
Who's reminded of Hani and her Hawaiian Locomoco when she watched this episode, raise your hand... *me! me!* LOL. I rewinded this several times while laughing. Hera's turning out to be quite an interesting character. Not as 1-dimensional as I thought she would be. I'm liking it.

Stop touching him.. demmit! Arrrrgh *kicks Baek Seung Jo* ...huh, it's his fault for allowing it. Who am I to kick him? Well, I'm a member of Oh Hani's Protection Squad (henceforth will be shortened to OHPS). So far we only have 4 active members... including myself of course. But I haven't told the other 3 yet about my registration. It's all very hush hush and covert and schtuff but I know Joon Gu... ooops, I mean... Head of Anti-BSJ Division will approve once he hears about my "BSJ torture device" prototypes ideas.
*stares in seething disgruntlement* it possible to eye a guy with lust while nursing a rage? I think Baek Seung Jo has taught me that when it's about someone you truly like, it is entirely possible to have severely conflicting emotions existing side by side inside one's heart.
This is the scene I mentioned at the start of the post. The absolute despair on her face is terrible to watch. I've read of girls committing suicides for something less than seeing the men of their dreams walk into an apartment building with some other women. At this point of the story, I really wanted to hit Baek Seung Jo with a brick. I was so disappointed with him. Yes, I know he's innocent and it's all Hani and her imagination... but who cares about technicalities?
When I was watching this scene, I wanted Hani to just leave this guy... 5-year crush be dem. It's like.. not worth it, gal!
*hug hug hug*'re breaking my heart, babe...
Everybody looks on as Hani is pulled towards the pillars by some mysterious power residing within them. The house must have been built by alien technology that incorporates some sort of human magnet inside the structure for purposes unbeknown to their guinea pigs (i.e. the human occupants, which means the Baek Brothers are excluded from the extraterrestrial experiment as their existence as a complete human species is yet to be determined).
Clark Eun Jo is pondering this mystery. He looks like he has some knowledge of this occurrence. Could the architects have come from his home planet?
Hani's trying her darndest to forget the man who rules her heart... to no avail.
I search each face in a crowd looking for you
Just hoping to see you again
Those laughing eyes and tender lips that used to thrill me
So I search every face in a crowd
No matter where that I go I keep on staring
For the face that belongs to you
(Dean Martin: Face In A Crowd lyrics)
Maybe he needs a flower.. you know, to decide on whether "I want her, I want her not"
Seung Jo: Who are you?
OHPS member #1: You don't remember us?? We totally helped Hani stalk you in high school! We were very conspicuous about it too.

Seung Jo: Hmmm... na ah.. I can't remember anyone else but Hani back then.
OHPS member #2: Oh, if that's the case... it's okay, I guess.
Break up cleanly with Hani? Are they actively trying to screw around with my love plans? There's no friggin' way I'm letting that girl leave my side. I'll give her some more torturous loving until she can't help but stick to me like glue until the end of time. Must think this out carefully. My genius brain is telling me that I may need some heavy rain as prop. Not a problem. After all, our fans did call us "The Idols who Summon Rain".
Joon Gu's delicious love-infused cooking.
How should I cheer Hani up? Aha! Maybe I'll cook even more delicious love-infused food for my honey!
Delicious love-infused food, Joon Gu's solution to all Hani-related issues. While he's toiling in the kitchen, our resident Roboto is making Hani more and more helplessly addicted to his sadomasochistically loving ways. What an unfair world this is.
I really love how supportive of Hani her friends are. It's like.. they put their lives and problems on hold whenever they see that Hani is in a funk over her love problems. And they always ALWAYS aggressively take Hani's side no matter how ridiculous they think her predicament is.
Here I am... the man of your dreams. The one you can't live without. The permanent figure lurking inside the crevices of your mind. I've concocted a devilishly genius plan to tell you that I'm not two-timing you. I'm sure you'll be pleasantly surprised... won't you? I want to see that desperately happy look on your face before I walk away seemingly uncaring of whether you're desperately happy or not.
Oh Hani, look at me. OH..HA..NI..
Where are you going?? Sit down, why don't you? Listen to Master!
That kid is taking her own sweet time. I told her to come to this spot 2.7 minutes ago and she's late!
Have to keep her occupied with idle chatter so she won't run away. My devilishly genius plan must unfold as I have meticulously prearranged. Man, I suck at idle chatter. That kid had better arrived here in 0.3 minutes or I'll terminate our tuition session!
Must pretend that her ecstatic face does not affect me in any positive way. Must walk straight towards Hera without looking left and right. Must not glance. Must keep my face immobile. Gah! I sense a smile peeking out. What do I do, what do I do?? I'd better rush away from here pronto before I become too obvious.
Life is like a box of chocolates... you never know what you're gonna get ~
Lord of the Suns... thy name is Kim Hyun Joong.
She looks like a wet rat. Not that I've ever seen one. A wet rat, I mean. Nor do I think that a wet rat can look this delectable.
ohnoes... my rival stalker has arrived. Seung Jo... don't look behind you!
ooops... too late. He's a goner now, Hera.
Wet and sexy. Can't take my eyes off her. This is bad. I want to dry her off lingeringly with a towel... or give her my clothes to wear so I can get her wet and sexy scent imprinted on them. I was counting on her coming here tonight. For once the weather guy was right about the rain.. ha! I hope it won't stop raining soon or all my plans will be for naught.
Should I admit defeat? *thinks for 0.2 seconds* NEVER!
This is the first and last time I'm not throwing objects at you. Appreciate!
How do I get her out of here and into my apartment?? Arrrrghhh... somebody help me!!
Thank you God! Or Hera? Oh, never mind. But should I be this hyper while she's actually quite sick? Who cares? I'll take what I get and be grateful for it. Now must hide my elation and pretend that I'm concerned about her.. "Oh Hani! Are you okay?? Hani?" *touch touch touch*
Hera said the exact same thing Seung Jo said when he piggybacked Hani for the first time.. LOL. They're so alike, like two peas in a pod. Maybe they get switched at birth and she really is his twin sista after all.
*shifty eyes, shifty eyes* Do you want to go to my apartment for a nightcap?
*push push push* Must get her to my apartment immediately in case the rain suddenly stops and I run out of excuses not to send her home.
Seung Jo....
You do wonder whether she actually realizes what it means to go willingly to a guy's apartment late at night by herself. I mean, she completely trusts that he's not gonna violate her or do anyfink untowards. Is that merely stupefaction or just utter stupidity clueless-ness?
The Lord of the Suns looks more ravishing than ever shrouded by the darkness of the night with his hair wet and his face gloomy. How is this possible?? I give up trying to figure out this phenomena.
He's stripping! He's stripping! He's stripping! He's... huh, only the jacket? How could you dash my hope to smithereens, Baek Seung Jo?? I hate you! *kicks 'im*
Pour her a glass too! Gosh, you're so discourteous to a lady it's unreal. And if a lady is massaging her own shoulders, that's a sign for you to offer her your expertise as a masseuse, comprende?
There you go. Catch!
I like it when he starts throwing things at her. In their S&M-like relationship, this constitutes as a lovely show of affection.
See? Hani seems to think so too. It's as if she's hugging the towel in a death-grip to her face while looking like she's about to faint from happiness. Or maybe she's about to faint because she's really hugging the towel in a death-grip to her face. Master looks on contentedly. The pet is in his home... again. And this time, the other cats are not around to disturb them.
Mom, listen to my voice. We've practiced this before, right? When I'm talking to you like this, it means "Do NOT disturb me or else..." remember? So just hang up nicely and I can pretend to Hani that her being stuck here for the night is all your fault. Thanks mom. You're the best!
Looks like you're stuck here for the night, you deliciously sexy and wet pet of mine. Now I have to go shower while planning what sorta naughty things I can do to you tonight.. *evil giggle* 
..wait, is Baek Seung Jo capable of giggling? Ok, maybe an evil smirk.
I should have asked him whether I could go in and shower together.. GAH! Why am I so virginally innocent?? I want to sit on the bed and wallow in my regret now...
*uttering some gibberish* ...sorry gals, I've run out of comments. My throat is dry. Fingers keep spelling out typos. Give me a few hours to hinge my jaw back into its socket.
Be honest, won't you be a stalker too for a chance to be alone with... this?? *points points points*
I was just babbling about my weakness for a shirt with the top two buttons unbuttoned in a comment at Dramabeans, and here he is wearing exactly that. How could he?????
I nearly grabbed my computer monitor in an attempt to stop Joon Gu from going to Seung Jo's apartment and disturbing their love nest.
There you go dear. Rest your weary heart awhile on the floor of a strange restaurant.
Seung Jo.. I smell good and fresh, ready to be eaten ~
Can't you see that I'm flipping a page for the first time in the entire duration of this drama? That means I'm seriously trying to read, okay. Go and be delectable 5 meters away from me where I can't smell your delicious scent or I shall not be held responsible for starting cannibalism in South Korea.
You're sleeping already?? I thought you're gonna have me for supper? Or did you give out the wrong signal?
I never give out wrong signals eva! I'm a perfect robot and all my parts, including the signal transmitter, are working perfectly well... thank you verrra much.
*stares stares stares* ...oh, sorry... where was I? Got distracted there for a bit.
Yes, now I remember. I'm here with you enjoying our favourite bickering couple in Planet PK.
Hani's startled-deer face is here again. I kinda miss it even though she had just shown it to us in ep 8.
O yeah! My plan is working perfectly. I knew she was gonna fall for it.. ha! I'm a friggin' genius! Wait.. that's right.. I am a friggin' genius in this drama. I'm on the same bed with Hani... we're sleeping together on the same bed using the same pillow... *la la la la la*
~ 3 minutes later ~ Okay, I've got us here so far. Now what? I can't seem to move any closer to her. This is weird. My whole body feels frozen. Ottoke???
*fidget fidget* ..a classic "looking the opposite way while lying side-by-side" shot. I like it ~
Testing, testing.. Oh Hani. How do you like our present situation? Are you open to doing anything more interesting than lying motionless side-by-side like... ummm... maybe....
.... kissing and other stuff??
LOL. I love this bickering couple to bits and pieces.
That uneasy feeling is called being horny, Baek Seung Jo. That's what happens when a hot-blooded young bloke is sleeping on the same bed with a girl he really really likes.
Finally, he's sleeping. Or is he? We'll find out in the next episode!

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