Tuesday, October 19, 2010

[Blast from the Past] Kim Hyun Joong photo shoot

The things they make him do... wait, aren't these regular photo shoot activities? I swear he looked like they're trying to make him take photos with an extraterrestrial being or something.. LOL. Hyung, as a species.. we're not that scary and fragile. Trust me.

He's cuter than the girl.. I kid you not. From his hairstyle, I think this was taken around the time he debuted with SS501, right? See, he's all grown up now.. hasn't he?


  1. He's so adorable when awkward. And totally agree, he is more beautiful than the girl! How can there be a man that beautiful?

  2. I know!

    Have you seen that picture of his brother (well, the poster claimed that it's his brother anyway.. not sure of it myself)? They have good genes. Me wants some good genes too.. are they available in any popular pharmacy? :P