Tuesday, October 12, 2010

[Preview] Playful Kiss / Mischievous Kiss Episode 13 long preview

Arrrrrrgghhh!!! Baek Seung Jo no baka!!!!!! *bonk bonk bonk* (sorry hyung.. I don't intentionally want to hit you.. it's Baek Seung Jo I want to hit.. I swear it)

If I had not believed in the love Baek Seung Jo has for Oh Hani, I'd smash his head with a pumpkin already... grrrrr


Bong Joon Gu proposed to her in episode 13?? Then why is the 3rd kiss in episode 14?

I want to see Baek Seung Jo's face when he hears that Hani's gonna accept the proposal. In the anime, I love that scene the most, rewinded it a few times.. it's like Naoki is struck by lightning, and suddenly he just runs outta the tennis court and goes to find Kotoko. Ah, karma. How I love it when it happens to someone else.

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