Sunday, October 17, 2010

[Blast from the Past] Kim Hyun Joong in Boys Over Flowers

Hubby is watching Boys Over Flowers right now.. by himself. And I can hear him laughing at some of the scenes. Should I be worried? LOL!

He asked me is one of the boys the one I like? (I've shown him hyung's photos in my mobile phone and told him that it's my boyfriend.. hehe). I asked him to guess and at first he said it's Lee Min Ho (whaaa.. ??) and then I told him to guess again. The second guess was correct. As if it's so difficult in the first place. He's already seen hyung's photos all over my mobile phone several times.

He even recognized that one of the songs is the one I keep singing.. usually in the car while he's driving. It's "Because I'm Stupid". I was impressed that he remembers. And hubby said hyung is pretty... like a girl! Omo.. should I really be worried now?? Maybe if he also likes hyung, I can get him to buy me hyung's DVDs.. haha. Dream on.

Anyway, it irks me when I read comments on how hyung has IMPROVED in Playful Kiss.. because his acting in BOF is 'horrendous'. Yes, that's the word used. Which was what prompted me to watch BOF again yesterday. Was it really that bad? I remember thinking.. OH.MY.GOD. that is my Rui right there when I first watched it.

And the fact that hubby, who seldom watches anything other than his spy movies, is watching it on his own right now without falling asleep after 10 minutes is proof to me that BOF is a drama that totally deserves its rating. This is why we should not be influenced by other viewers' opinions when watching a show. That goes for the rating too. If we like it, why do we have to care about the rating? Let the network and the production team worry about it.

Which one do I prefer.. Yun Ji Hoo or Baek Seung Jo? I'd say.. Yun Ji Hoo hands down. Every gesture, every facial expression is loaded with meaning. Hyung has this ability to empathize with his characters. I still think his body language needs more work.. and if he seriously wants to pursue acting, he should get into some acting workshops.. but his understanding of the characters is amazing, according to me.

(just went downstairs.. OMG, hubby's rewinding the scenes! For a guy who seldom works the remote, this is an event in itself.. *ish speechless*)

I think my issue with Baek Seung Jo is the same with my issue with Naoki Irie. I just can't like the guy. I mean, I love Baek Seung Jo.. but I can't like him. Does that make sense? O wellz.. at least I can't hate him the way I hate Naoki Irie.. who seriously needs a kick in the face right up to the final anime episode.

So they're gonna go up to the honeymoon scene with PK? Trust the k-version to resolve an issue, which takes the TW-version several episodes to conclude, in less than an hour. Despite missing the bickering couple dynamics now that Baek Seung Jo is determined to be lovey-dovey with his Hani, I confess to looking forward to their sweet reconciliation. Hope it's a PG-rated affair so I can watch the drama later with my family.

PS: For anyone who's been looking up the blog for my next picture recap... mianhe. The internet at home is being a bish and I can't work on the post at school. Hubby promised me a faster net connection next week.. so hopefully I can get on with it then.

Update: Hubby just told me that he considers Ji Hoo as the prettiest and the most likable character of the F4.. ha! Is that his seal of approval?? I have good taste in men.. lalalalala.


  1. Hubby has good taste :)
    I still can't get over people's rating of his acting in BOF.
    I didn't really like his look in BOF (hate the orange hair after it was cut), and though I thought he was good looking, I wasn't into pretty boy good look(and he's definitely prettier than most girls!). So it wasn't being in love of his look that I took notice(hell, the Korean F4 were all so good looking).
    But his portrayal got me sitting up and taking noticed. And after the drama finished, it was him that I googled on, before I googled LMH, the main lead.
    Through him, I discovered and fell in love with the boys from SS501. I am now even at the stage where I can recognize who's who and whose voice is whose. That's a major feat for me :)
    Have a good day!

  2. Are you the same Chook, my spazzing partner in the picture recap posts? :P

    Yeah.. ish weird, right? I thought maybe I was blinded by his beauty the first time around so I watched it again. And I STILL think Yun Ji Hoo is the next best thing after chicken nuggets. His expressions are spot on in every scene. Is that just me?

    For comparison purposes, when I watch Playful Kiss, there are many (like.. MANY!!) occasions I wish hyung had done the scenes differently. He didn't have to take the "cold" definition of Baek Seung Jo's character so literally and there are facial expressions that just stop right when they should go to the next level. I dunno how to explain it but if you watch how Lee Tae Sung and Jung So Min assayed their characters in different situations, maybe you'll get what I mean.

    I know he's not a trained actor and he has that indefinable something that makes me gape at everything he does even if it's just drying his hair as he comes out of the shower, but if he's serious about acting.. he'd have to get more training. He said he's too complacent in real life and having watched his SS501 videos, I agree. But TV life is not as mundane as real life.. so he has to learn to be OTP if he wants to stay long in the Korean drama scene.. ish what I'm trying to say ^^"

    Anyway, I love him to bits and pieces and that's why I want to see him improve his craft. Hope to see a hyung I'll be proud of in his next acting project.

    P/S: Hubby said he thinks hyung is prettier with long hair too but I love the short hair better coz he wears that bling bling diamond earrings with it. I'm a sucker for men with earrings.. hehe. I'm feeding him Personal Taste (Lee Min Ho) next coz I told him the editing in Playful Kiss sucks so much I'm gonna buy the DVD and he can watch it then.. ha! (still don't want to share hyung with him yet)

  3. ooooops... that's OTT, not OTP. Slip of the finger.. :P