Thursday, November 4, 2010

[Rambling] Hyung is a guy way ahead of his time and age


Singer turned actor, Kim Hyun-joong recently helped make a generous donation towards the women's sport of soccer. Kim helped organize a donation made with the profits earned from the final fan event for the drama "Naughty Kiss", that was held at the Dome Art Hall at the Children's Grand Park in Seoul on October 21st.

Kim had said he wanted to support women's soccer in Korean high schools by giving all of the money collected for entry at the event. In addition to the profits, he also teamed up with Adidas which donated 23 million won worth of soccer gear.

The young star's entertainment agency, KeyEast Entertainment announced the news on Kim's official website, "Kim Hyun-joong is personally a big fan of soccer and was cheering for the country's under 17 girls soccer team which won the recent world cup. He was thinking of ways to support women's soccer and so got the idea to support young aspiring female soccer players who aren't giving up on their dreams despite difficult situations or hardships. He was the one who suggested the donation idea".

Ami's rambling:

I didn't know that the Korean under 17 girls soccer team won the recent world cup (what world cup?? was there a world cup going on while I was busy surfing k-dramas on streaming sites?) ...aaaaa, how can he with his busy schedule know more about what's happening in the world around him than I do? I have no idea what's happening in Malaysia right now.. we're having this small election (where?) and several states are involved with big floods (Kedah and Perlis only, right?)... aaaaaaaand that's the extent of my general knowledge about the world around me.

What have I been doing with my life? *feels useless and insignificant*

Another random thought I had when I read this was.. "How can 2 very different people be so similar in certain things.. and both I like with a high degree of intensity?". I'm talking about Shah Rukh, of course.. with all his talks about how India should put more effort in sports other than cricket and his waxing soliloquy on the women's hockey team achievements. I love these guys to bits and pieces.

Is hyung really only 24 years old? He always gives off the feeling (to me, anyway) that he's at least 20 years older than I am.. there were many instances when I watched his interviews and thought, "Gyaaa.. hyung is such an oji-san!" LOL. He's very different from guys his age who're in his profession, isn't he?

I guess the people who answered the survey of 'Why Kim Hyun Joong is Popular' in this article are mostly guys.. coz they're so focused on his good looks. I find that the guys are more obsessed with hyung's beauty than the girls... look up previous talk shows that he participated in because the ones raving about his beauty were mostly the male hosts.. haha

They're alienating people like me who can't obsess over pretty boys if they're just vacant mannequins out for display by their agencies. Hyung may not be the singer with the best voice in SS501.. he may not be the best actor in the below 25-year old category.. he may not have the best figure in the modeling world.. but his entire package makes him shine far brighter than those who surpass him in each of those areas. At least, to those of us who're blinded by his brilliance anyway.. those who are blind to it can think what they will.

Why do we love Kim Hyun Joong? Lemme count the ways...  ♥

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