Sunday, November 21, 2010

[Stage performance] Pole dancing definitely looks hot on men

All the women eyed him like a piece of meat they wanted to jump on and devour. I can totally relate.

...oh, I went to the shopping complex to find some new manga and ended up buying the "Biscuit Teacher & Star Candy" DVD from a Speedy Video outlet.. YEAY! It's currently out of stock at Yesasia, for those who want to know.

That's the only Gong Yoo drama I can't watch on the net coz the quality of the streaming video is so bad. I mean, the online clips are okay if you just want to watch the drama and don't care a jot about Gong Yoo. But for someone who wants to rewind his every scene at least 3 times just to stare at his hands, his face or any part of his body.. the bad video quality is really an inconvenience.

I also bought the "BOF Making Of" DVD for hubby. He was really happy with that purchase... (kekeke)

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  1. My first K-Crush, Rain! Before KHJ & JSM, it was Rain.
    Bet the women wanted to be that pole! :)