Friday, May 13, 2011

[Video] Asmaradana - Tiara Jacquelina (from the movie 'Puteri Gunung Ledang')

I fell more than a little bit in love with her after watching her dance to this song in an award ceremony. She looked so young, beautiful and lively there and by the time she was up in the air, I was clapping like mad despite not being one of the audience in the hall. I wish we'd have more of this kind of choreography... male back-up dancers dressed only in hakama-like pants flanking the properly dressed in sexy-red girl prancing around with silat-based moves and looking absolutely hot that they give me goosebumps. I go berserk every time she flicks that long tail-whatchamaycallit of her dress. It was perfect.

I wish Merong Mahawangsa could be turned into a musical too. I mean, if Cuci could be turned into one... why not Merong, right? If the lead is still Stephen, I think I'd most most probably go and watch it. I didn't go when he was in Puteri Gunung Ledang the Musical, to my ever lasting regret. KRU needs to call up Tiara Jacquelina and collaborate on this theatrical production, seriously. I feel so strongly about this that I'm actually considering giving this suggestion to them via KRU's official website.

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