Wednesday, November 30, 2011

[Video] Awesomest entrance eva! by Kim Hyun Joong

His image for the 2nd mini album seems to go in a really different direction to his 1st. Not that his 1st mini album has a destination it's fixing its sight on, since it's a mix of styles that feels more like hyung going through several phases on a whim rather than him trying to get a fix on where he's going next.

But when you're Kim Hyun Joong and looks as good when he's a badass leather-and-chain type guy in Breakdown as when he's a bubble-gum, beach-going boy in Kiss Kiss, I don't think he'll get any complaint from his legion of fans. Certainly not from me. And noises from critics don't count...after all, they're not the ones buying his songs and albums.

The styles for the songs in the 2nd mini album seem to have a theme though, judging from the looks on the album cover and the performances. When I watch him in Do You Like That and Lucky Guy, I think of a cool, bratty and sexy mafia playboy entering a casino or cabaret with a bevy of beauties and men in black at his beck and call. I wonder what hyung was trying to say, but my bothersome conscience is distracted by the creamy expanse of smooth flesh in display from unbuttoned shirts he put on in every show.

There're 5 songs in his 2nd mini album, and my favourite has to be no. 4 (I'm Your Man). I dunno why, but despite me disliking ballad, R&B, slow songs, I find that when hyung sings them, they turn out to be the ones I got completely bawled over by. He may not be the lead vocal in SS501 and may never win Best Vocal in a MAMA award, but he knows his strengths and weaknesses and he's always managed to pick songs that suit his range the best.

So far, all his non-dance songs are my favourite: Because I'm Stupid (solo version), Never Again (concert solo version), One More Time, Please, and now I'm Your Man. Love his voice when he sings these songs. I don't care if I'm not supposed to sing I'm Your Man coz it's supposed to be sung by a man and I'm obviously not a man...I want to learn to sing this one!

Anyway, back to the main topic, which is the title of this post: his performance at the 2011 Style Icon Award. Love love love his entrance:

And he won the Popularity Award. It's his 3rd time in a row, and I'm not surprised. Look at him, how can he not win every year? The commentators were talking about the entrance too, wish I understood what they were blathering about. And I found his rehearsal videos too! Thanks ultra Hyun Joong fans...or whoever you are who filmed this! You gals rock~

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