Thursday, November 29, 2012

George Watsky 1986

Yep, another 1986 wonder. I dunno why I get attracted to guys born in that year (Colin Morgan, Kamenashi Kazuya, Kim Hyun Joong). Maybe it's destiny? Or maybe that year is when awesome guys were meant to be born? (Colin Morgan was born on 1st January, as if he just had to start existing within that frame of time)

I found Watsky while I was looking up Beau Sia. I saw a youtube link in Sia's channel to this video...

...and would you blame me if I immediately got hooked on him?

So, I looked up a bunch of youtube links and peeked around in his website. And I found out that he put up his album for free download. I mean...whaaa? How more awesome can a guy get??

Am listening to it right now and it sounds gooood~~~

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