Tuesday, December 4, 2012

My mind is blown.

I can't believe Alexander Vlahos only has ONE season in Merlin. I weep at the unfairness of it all. The 5th season hasn't even been here yet and it's all over now! *wails*

In a scene that has him with Merlin, my eyes keep drifting to his face. My loyalty to Merlin has been compromised. Nobody has ever managed to steal my attention away from Merlin when he's on-screen before, not even Arthur.

Bradley James has said that even if there would be a Merlin movie, most likely he won't be in it, for whatever reason. I think the crazy fans put a pause in his enthusiasm for being further involved in the show (he deleted his twitter account).

British actors are different than American ones, folks. Don't expect them to deal with the same shiz you throw at actors living in your backyards with the same aplomb and hunger for more attention. They're quite reserved about their private lives and usually treat acting as a job. One that they're passionate about, but it's still just a JOB. You know...as in: "Being an actor is my job, it's not who I am" sort of thing? So stop with the buggering of their private lives stuff. I know this advice would fall on deaf ears but I thought I should give it a try anyway. Meh.

Anyway, here's the official version from them on why Merlin should not be continued for the 6th season or for any movie: Merlin series 5 confirmed to be its last

I'm sad that Merlin is over, but am also quite excited to see what their (Bradley James & Colin Morgan) future projects are. However, if they do more theatre works, I'm afraid I'll be out of the loop as there is no way I can go to where they are to watch the plays. And I'm usually the type of fan who will be done with a show once the show is done.

Am still making my sad face at arse o'clock in the morning. I should just go to sleep and stop mourning. Life goes on after all for everyone, even for little old me.


  1. Mordred-Alexander Vlahos-touched my heart, too, from the first, and I also felt a conflict of loyalties betw. him and Merlin; so that, as Series 5 progressed I felt a growing mad at Merlin for being so suspicious and disbelieving Mordred's sincerity. I would have thought Merlin in all his compassion for others could be so compassionless with Mordred's plight. Instead he burdened Mordred more with each rejected demonstration of sincerity. I found myself rooting more for Mordred in each successive episode.

    Yes, fate and prophecy, but Merlin wasn't powerless and he'd defied prophecies and predictions before. I honestly didn't like the way the writers and producers developed the story and characters in 'Merlin' and I still don't. But bygones be bygones, somehow in some way the legend's necessary developments and conclusion was important.

    Now to Alex Vlahos. He is a very warm, outgoing, rather extraverted chap, at least that is my impression from every clip I've seen of him talking about his role, himself etc. Very engaging and very sympathetic. I do feel closer to him than to Colin, which isn't to say I don't love Colin and his Merlin, it's just C is a very strongly introverted type, and that shows in his clips. As Colin I like him but I never get the feeling I really know him any better the more I see. That's totally ok w. me, too. He's a fine actor potentially a great one and many actors are introverts. But it's Alexander's warmth and playfulness I like better. Colin's playfulness is tricksy, clever and insightful-I think he must like to play on as well as with others. I like that too, actually, very much, because it's different than myself and C is lot of fun, too. But I by nature gravitate toward Alexander. He is enormously talented and I expect he will go far in his career.

    I love having all these actors, as it were, in my life, to follow and perhaps to get to know a little better. (Bradley, incidentally, is something of a closed book too, but more to the middle of the introvert/extravert scale. I admire him. So many other actors too: Tom, a love; Eoin, also a love; Rupert too, a love. Angel another although she too plays her cards close which is fine. She is very beautiful and very womanly which I like.

    Anyway thanks for your blog about Alex. It gave me a chance to think on all these things.


    1. Thank you for your warm comment on my blog! It's a place where I gush about my fandoms so it can be a bit confusing as I tend to meander this way and that in whichever direction I fancy.

      Alex V has several projects going on right before and after he was in Merlin. No matter what I think of the Merlin writers, I think the Casting Directors are absolute geniuses because they not only gave us two very talented main actors with a chemistry that positively crackled when they're on and off screen, but they also introduced to the people outside of the UK talents like Asa B and Alex V. And oh, the rest of the knights too. I dunno whether I can truly say that I find Katie a talented actress, after all it was her first acting job...but her beauty is so sharp and blinding I doubt I'll ever forget her. While Angel gave the kind of acting that no matter what her character has to do, we sort of empathise with her because the writers gave Gwen such a strong background that Angel had done justice bringing to Gwen to life with.

      When I watched Alex speaks in Welsh in the youtube clip and was being so articulate in another clip as he talks about Mordred and the show and everyone, I wanted to cry at the unfairness of it all. I wish we had been able to be with him longer.

      I think Colin Morgan is more of a reader than a talker. If he were to be a writer, he would leave a blazing trail of passionate words that will shock the world. I'm always amazed at his 'theories' on Merlin as a character during interviews. As it is, I prefer him being an actor as I can see his lovely face all over Google. And I always thought of Bradley as a doer more than a talker. He'd be okay being rowdy, I guess, but he doesn't talk feelings much. And I think it's okay that they're 'closed books', maybe we can think of them as these precious books that we see in a library that we're only allowed to read a bit at a time before we have to give them back to the librarian with the promise to borrow them again another day? That would be lovely!

      I've heard of the Welsh being a warm folk, but I've heard that about the Irish too. Maybe ancestry has a lot to do with how we turn out, but I guess us as individuals have our own contributions to the overall make-up of the persons we are. I personally don't understand why anyone should be ashamed of their culture or excessively proud of it to the point of looking down on others' cultures. To be tied to a culture that one deems brings one down...why would anyone just take it with a sigh? Maybe the young generation should create a new culture, one that does not leave them ashamed of it...well, I think so anyway.

      Again, thank you for commenting!

  2. Oh, yes, one further note. Alexander is Welsh and although it's a generalization, the Welsh people in general are a warmer and more personable folk than the Irish with almost a pixie like humor. Irish folk are fun too but there's always that serious, dark side, a lot of shame in their culture-who can blame them! My husband is of Irish descent and is he ever a bundle of contradictions. I'm more blind to my own contradictions but I know they are there in abundance, and I am descended from English and French-Swiss families on my mom's and dad's side. I don't at all know what to make of that ancestry, but it's me all the same.