Saturday, April 2, 2011

[Fandom] Merlin

Secrets & Magic [1]: Merlin Time

It feels weird... and kind of special... to fangirl over an actor who is not Asian in this blog. I think Colin Morgan is only the 3rd western crush I pimp here. The 1st being Lee Williams, and the 2nd is the ever evolving Colin Firth (Oscar!!!FTW).

I did catch Merlin when it was first aired in Malaysia...what, a year ago? But at that time, I was all... meh, what's this story about? And why is the title character so thin and bony?? Obviously I had no clue of what and who I was talking about coz a few weeks ago, upon watching this one episode of which I no longer remember what it's all about, suddenly a lightbulb went off in my brain and I went... this show is so gay! LOL. Yeah, I'm a slow learner... ^^;;

The show is full of layers and ...mmmm, layers *cough* ...and what with Merlin / Arthur forever looking at Arthur / Merlin like he's the most delectable dish the guy's ever come across while Arthur / Merlin is always looking back at the other dude (I'm not choosy really, whoever's staring hungrily at whoever is good enuff for me) with this pseudo what, what expression... I'm in BL haven... and for once, it's not coming from a japanese / korean / taiwan / hindi source. Loving it.

(note: They do this off-set too. Don't believe me? Watch that roadtrip video, or the S&M video, or their interview videos... or any videos that have CM and BJ together. Or if you're impatient... just watch this~)

After watching a few incomplete episodes (I promise I'll download the whole seasons later, mkay) I concluded that the Brits do BL waaaaaay better than the Americans can ever hope to do. Is it because of their stronger European connection? I was ready to generalize about the whole western cinema not having a clue about subtlety when it comes to boyxboy content before this drama came along.

I mean, seriously... look at Heroes and weep over the loss of having so many hot-looking guys running around and not giving each other suggestive stares even once! At least not that I'm aware of, and sometimes I can be rather dim about these things. But only sometimes! Anyway, I don't watch Supernatural (have a fear of horror) or Prison Break (don't like convict/war/violent stories much), so can't comment about those. But look at Smallville and imagine how much better it would be for us if Clark and Lex have a more super-charged, electrifying bond.. eh? Clark just keeps on chasing after Lex, and Lex can't get enough of doing bad stuff that will keep Clark eternally chasing after him. And all those gorgeous super heroes and super villains and kryptonite-mutants who can come in and play havoc with their love life. Right, I want to cry now.

It's pretty hilarious how Hollywood gets to be morally upright in TV shows that it makes me roll my eyes every friggin' time like... come on people, we already know, ok?

I found these cast videos. Colin Morgan ish so cute!!! Freaks me out when I got to know that he's 25 years old, though. Why? Because I seem to have a harem of boys born in 1986 (hyung, Kame... and now CM). Furthermore, they're all in the lust/love-at-first-sight category so it's not as if I planned any of this. Am I psychic?? Or is the universe trying hard to tell me something????! (But what?)

ETA: I apologize to everyone who got eye burn after staring at so many bolded words. IDEK what happened. Blame it on the crappy modem connection, but I have to check out of this hotel now (hubby's getting antsy.. any minute now and he's gonna confiscate my laptop) so can't go on an edit spree. And once I'm home, it's a different universe so I doubt I'll ever get around to edit it then. But hey, just think of it as squee-ing with bold rather than CAPS... kthxbye~

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