Tuesday, March 20, 2012

[Artist Discovery] The Ting Tings

I caught their SXSW performance on the iConcert channel. What I like about them:
  1. Their lyrics don't make me cringe at all, in fact they're rather wonderful
  2. The girl singer is not obsessed with her 'assets', instead she was really just into singing the songs (you may understand  this relief if you've spent so much time listening to songs you like being sung by half-naked or even quarter-naked girls and you can't recommend them to any of your family members, like I did)
  3. I dunno much about music so I think the sounds are deceptively simple, but anyone who can make songs that catchy and interesting with only two major instruments must be really talented
  4. I can't believe she'd actually sing that ah, ah, ah, ah thing all the way through instead of putting it on a digital loop like everyone else does nowadays. It's impressive.
And of course it's my favourite in the set.

Bought the digital album!

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