Saturday, May 5, 2012

[Investigation File] Repeat versions

Case File 1

Remember the episode (A Remedy to Cure All Ills) in Merlin where Merlin has to kill the sorcerer who puts a bug in Morgana's ear and then tries to put one in Uther's? Well, I just watched the exact same story, i.e. bug entering a person's ear and nearly causing his death, in an episode (Strategic Planning) of the "Royal Pain". So, I googled about it and found a medical blog connected to the series that talked about that particular story by Dr. Irving Danesh:
While Hank knows that the more common Tick acquired disease is Lyme Disease, there are others including Tick paralysis. Hank decides to investigate this further. Ticks feed on blood. After a tick attaches itself to a host, the female tick feeds for several days to be able to produce her eggs. During this process her salivary glands produce a nerve poison (neurotoxin) that causes the paralysis. This neurotoxin gets picked up in the host's blood stream and causes the ascending paralysis. The trick was to find the tick. After reviewing the game footage, Hank found that Kendrick had landed on the grass ear side down, just a place a tick would love to hide. 70% of ticks are located in the scalp and neck area, but the ears, nose and genital area are also high on the list. Hank removes the tick by first placing mineral oil in the ear canal. This keeps the tick from moving while he is trying to grab it with a tweezer. A moving insect in the ear is quite uncomfortable. Once the tick is removed, Kendrick quickly gets back to doing what he loves, football. Hank has solved another interesting case.
Interesting. So, maybe Merlin writers took a leaf out of a real-life case and turned it into fiction? But the truth is more deadly coz the tick doesn't even need to be magically activated to enable it to cause mayhem. It can do that fine all on its own.

Case File 2

I just watched an episode (Nevermore) in the Warehouse 13 series where Myka's dad gets 'infected' by the ink from an Edgar Allan Poe book he has in his possession. I'm not gonna talk much about the story, just want to highlight how similar the scene where the black inked-words travel across and around her dad's skin with the one in Mushi-Shi concerning the girl that he helps regularly, Tanyuu (starting at 4:27).

There's something mystically intense about blank ink crawling across pale skin. On a girl, it's kinda sexy...but on an old man though, mmmm not so good. I'd like to petition for it to happen on screen to a gorgeous bloke so I can feel less weird about ogling.

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