Wednesday, February 2, 2011

[MyAikido] Katate Dori Shiho Nage

Finally.. today sensei taught us beginners our first technique. Okay, since I'm the only beginner in the class (the other girl learnt Aikido when she was younger)... essentially it's MY first Aikido technique.. :P

Found a video of it. Also, I realized at class today that no matter how much you think you can move correctly, it's pointless without a sparring partner. The feeling of being attacked is just different when you're doing it by yourself (just by simulating the attack in your head).

Notes: (link)

KATATEDORI 片手取り means "One hand grab"

SHIHONAGE 四方投げ means "Four-corner throw". It's a technique where defender passes under attacker's arm, then lifts it overhead, pivots 180 degrees and throws. This throw originally included a pin with the arm barred in the shihonage position to complete the technique. It is commonly executed in AIKIKAI HOMBU-style aikido with the arm released after application of the shihonage pressure without a pin.

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