Sunday, February 20, 2011

[Rambling] All sorts of wonderful updates

I still have a flu and cough despite resting through 4 absolutely work-free days courtesy of MCs and gobbling all sorts of medicine since a week ago. I have to organize a meeting in 2 hours time with another working paper still undone. I have a deadline for 4 papers hanging over my head like the Sword of Damocles and still managed to finish re-reading up to the 21st volume of Kindaichi Case Files (the malay-translated paperbook version). I have a date with all my supervisors to present my progress report and my slide is yet to be done. I bought a stack of CDs and DVDs that I still haven't listened to/watched that include KAT-TUN's World Big Tour, Tamaki Hiroshi's MW, Kame's Gokusen The Movie & One Pound Gospel drama, , Gong Yoo's Biscuit Teacher & Star Candy, SS501's 1st album DVD and Mansai Nomura's Ran.

Overall.... life is wonderful. That was what I felt as I listened to KAT-TUN's songs while I was driving to school this morning. Kindaichi's right. As long as we're alive, we still have something that can turn our lives around again. That 'something' is time. So, I hope everyone who still has some lingering suicidal tendency in his/her heart to... as Kyouhei in Yamnade says... look towards the future and move forward. Everyone is struggling in his/her own way. Never underestimate other people's problems. Even those we envy have problems that can drag them down any second. Appreciate what we have now so we won't have any regret in the future. Okay?

Hope this picture will cheer you up today~~~

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