Saturday, March 5, 2011

[CRUSH] The next generation of Takeshi Kaneshiro

Although Takeshi mostly does movies, is fluent in 5 languages and reclusive like nobody's business.. it's a good thing he's a workaholic and he's popular in Malaysia, so we have a lot of his DVDs/CDs available in video stores here to feed my Takeshi-addiction.

Dean Fujioka has a long way to go before he can even touch the ground Takeshi is walking on, but he's young and hungry. I bet he'll get there and beyond in no time.

Anyway, japanese actors rarely get this big outside of the j-ent circuit (i.e. acting in foreign dramas/movies) or even speak languages other than their own mother tongue this fluently (Gackt, I'm looking at you) so this is quite a find, if I have to say so myself.

The moment I got attracted to him at first sight in "Miss No Good", I knew I have to check him out online. I can't believe it... he's japanese! I thought he's of mixed parentage (coz they bothered to make Si Le's mother a foreigner). Dean Fujioka... will you be my next obsession?

I read that the drama that got him attention is "Corner with Love" ...I'll bookmark that one for later viewing. Right now, I want to finish watching Miss No Good coz it looks interesting.

I don't normally get hooked on dramas I watch on TV.. coz I rarely watch dramas on TV.. or any program on TV (who need TV when you have internet?). It's hubby who usually switches on the TV nowadays. This weekend we had breakfast with the TV on... and coincidentally, this drama was airing right after I finished eating.

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It has 14 ep, which is just nice for me... a bit longer than japanese dramas but shorter than korean ones. I normally get turned off by dramas with tens of episodes.. which is usually the case with chinese dramas. Or maybe those usually come out of Hong Kong.

Found this on his Twitter account and went... EEHHHHHHHHH?? NANI KORE????? LOL

By the way... has anyone watched "Perhaps Love" (Takeshi Kaneshiro, Jacky Cheung and an actress who looks familiar but whose name I forgot)? Saiko da! It reminds me of Moulin Rouge... hehe. I want to buy the DVD!!! *hunting mode on*

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