Friday, March 4, 2011

[Subbed] Coupang coupang la la la coupang... COUUUUPANGGG!

Looks like that song is gonna stuck... it's currently playing like a broken record in my weird brain... LOL

"What's Coupang?" hubby asked me when I dragged him to watch the clip with me. I told him I have no idea. And this CF doesn't give me much info either (too lazy to Google it right now)... is it like COUPON or something? O hey, there's Mr. Baek being excited about Coupang too! See him? Too bad Clark Eun Jo isn't there with him... I miss the kid.

Finally the interview on hyung's "Smile Project" is subbed! I've waited so long for some kind soul to translate the clip for us... thanks so much, whoever you are! *mmmuaaah*

..can't wait for that album he promised! And then drama!!! or movie? *hyper*

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