Friday, December 30, 2011

Another shining gem of Ireland

Dr. Crane just pops out and grabs your eyeballs, doesn't he? The first time I saw him, my jaw dropped and then I was sputtering completely incomprehensible words. Or maybe they were squeaky noises, I dunno.

He has that dark hair, pale skin, piercing eyes thing that is sorta familiar to me by now, ever since I got a bit obsessed with Merlin. I mean, it's either that or flaming red hair, pale skin and piercing eyes with the Irish lot I get on my TV. I wish I had done the whole road trip bit in Ireland when I was studying in the UK. But hey, poor student equals no money nor time for traveling. Meh.

There were these two guys in my class in univ that caught my eyes, and thinking back... I think they're probably Irish lads. What is this? Am I psychically geared towards being attracted to Irish guys? :P

Anyway, here's a bit about a film where his character is a transsexual woman. I have to admit, even I don't move that femininely (and was in awe when I was watching the clip). 

Isn't Cillian Murphy delicious? I shall never be able to input into my head that this is a husband and a father of two.

I have no idea where to get the film here, and short of downloading it, I'm not sure I'll be able to buy it online coz I'm on a tight budget in 2012... want to start saving again (I want to buy a Mac~~) so am cutting a lot of my entertainment budget since I have been spending like a headless chicken this year. 

O hey, look. Tomorrow is the last day of 2011!!!

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