Saturday, December 31, 2011

Celebrating my New Year with Kim Hyun Joong~

Let's see, what was he up to after winning Best Male Solo Artist in MAMA11 and KIA Soul People’s Choice in SIA11?

Lots! Hyung has been beeezzzzy... so I have to pick and choose. I haven't been updating as diligently as I should, but there are better blogs that are more dedicated to hyung out there, so I'm not inclined to feeling guilty  about this.

In SBS Gayo Daejun alone he gave us many performances:

He's owning this performance now. 

Love the show, hate the lighting (arrgh, my eyes!). Anyway, I've never heard this version of the song before. Or maybe it's in the LE, you know... that LE that I've had for months now still within the bubble plastic it's wrapped in. Uhuh. He looks like a Vampire Prince, or Alien Prince, or something ethereal and not of this earth. I think he should totally play a cold-blooded psycho killer in a movie some day, he'd be perfect for that role. 

Hyung's getting all the gurlz! First, it's Miss A (Suzy), now two After School ladiez (Nana and Kahi)! Oh, and I vote for no glasses in all hyung's later shows, unless they're the stylishly classy transparent kind. Did you see those eyes?? They're not meant to be covered, dude. Let us see them next time, kay~

I found this video. Thank you, fellow fan koreanlover1fan2.

I purposely put the opening teaser last coz hoshizlookathim *jaw dropped*. He looks very good in black. Or in anything and nothing, I guess. Yes, I'm remembering that shower scene right now.


I think this is the performance where I've seen him smile the most and the longest. And he's very playful towards select members of the audience, namely pretty ladiez. Sorry boys. This one likes us too much to swing your way. Of all his performances, I like Lucky Guy the best (esp when coupled with Do You Like That). And of all his solo songs, I like I'm Your Man the most.

I knew this performance is going to go somewhere! I made a post about his Rainism dance in my blog, and I'm so glad he's showing it to us again. You know what will top this? The Baek Brothers dancing to Rainism. Oh oh, better yet: Hyung and Rain perform it together in a concert...his or Rain's, I don't care. That'll be epic. At least, for me it will be. I wish the lighting here is brighter though.

If I miss any other video from the SBS Gayo Daejun, please lemme know.

O yeah, just wanna say that even though I'm not a Seung Gi fan, I thought he's holding up the SH show really well without Kang Ho Dong. He's really good at this hosting thing. I found hyung's subbed cut in a recent ep:

That's it for now. Happy New Year evewwyone! *confetti* \(^o^)/

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