Friday, December 9, 2011

Army Boys

Why is everyone I'm following joining the army this year?? It's like a massive co-ordinated effort to deprive me of eye candies! *wails selfishly*

Let us look at the pretties who have left the bright lights only to emerge in the future at a time when I'm too old to care anymore...maybe.

On the other hand, how can I ever not care about Lee Jun Ki? And he's gonna be released in February (man, these news reports. 'Released' makes him sound like a criminal, or something)

Heechul may not be my most favourite member, but Super Junior feels incomplete without him. I will especially miss him during Mr. Simple since that's the song & performance I really really like right now. He just got in, so it'll be a long time before he comes out. 

Okay, so maybe there's no such thing as forgetting Rain no matter how many years he's out of the public eye. He's just too awesome for his own good.

And today I just found out that my favourite Jae Wook has already joined the military too. Well, that's a surprise. And I'm sort of maybe quite irritated for not knowing about it sooner. I hope he'll always be in good health while serving his country. I got interested in him when he played Sun Ki in Coffee Prince. Then I watched Antique and I knew about The Walrus, and the love happens. I've been following him on and off for awhile now. I just never thought that not looking up his fan page for a few months would end up in me finding news of him going off for his military venture. Demmit.

Hyun Bin is in the army too, but too lazy to paste pictures since I'm not too much into him.

Did I miss anyone else?

Gong Yoo is going strong after his release from the army. His new movies are Second First Love (film and theme song), and now The Crucible. I have to get the DVDs since I dunno how else am I gonna get to watch them here. And anyway, I hate going to the cinema to watch movies of actors I love a bit too much. The sombre atmosphere (or maybe that's just in Malaysian cinemas) is too suffocating. I miss him in dramas though. Yeah, us fans are selfish creatures who want the guys we love to be in the spotlight 24-7.

Joo Ji Hoon has been released! Wow, that sentence made it sound like he's some kind of production. But honestly Ji Hoon, please don't make us worry again, kay. Have a healthy life and work hard!

(I wonder when hyung is going off for his military service. He's 26 next year, so maybe soon. Just the thought of it makes me wanna cry buckets.)

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