Friday, December 9, 2011

Happy Belated Birthday to Me!

Let's celebrate with cake!

Well, since hubby did not fulfill his promise of buying me cake and a big bunny stuffed toy by conveniently falling sick after he got back from a 3-day work thing, I'm rebelling by staying down here with a muted Harry Potter movie on TV and 5 lovely men topped with icing.

Why is he so quiet? I'd better get back upstairs and see if he's still alive.


He's not even feverish. Men are such babies. I'm cooking his comfort food and then I'm off shopping by myself, if it doesn't rain, that is. After so many years of being married, I still find my own company more exhilarating. How sad.

Belated birthday wish time! Things I want to have by 45, if I'm still not dead yet (what is the point, I'm asking ya??).

  1. Manga Cafe
  2. Japanese degree
  3. Translation diploma
  4. Some kind of Arts certificate (not sure about how and what to get, must do more research)
  5. A published fiction (self-published is also okay)
I didn't even complete my Nanowrimo...heh. I feel like I have no business concocting goals in my blog coz that's a rather surefire way for me not to go and accomplish them.

Real life feels so much more exciting when they're captured in a 31" monitor and compressed to 1/3 of a billionth its size.

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