Sunday, January 9, 2011

[Fanvid] Kame ga hoshi.....

...the sudden transformation from ero Kame to romantic Kame on guitar made my head spin... ♥

I've always been obsessed with turtles every time I dive, to the point where my diving instructors looked around to find me whenever they spotted one near them just so they could take my pic with it. A diving buddy once took a video of me chasing a turtle and I got scolded by my instructors for that stunt *sweat*. I guess now my obsession with turtles takes a different meaning. I'd be going, "KAME!!!!" and chasing it everywhere.. LOL. Or maybe I'd just wave at it and go, "kame..." from a distance until it goes far far away.. *ish scared of kowai instructors* :P

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