Tuesday, January 18, 2011

[Rambling] KAT-TUN verdict and a Maximum the Hormone insert

I found a livejournal account that uploads KAT-TUN discography (which I will not disclose here in case it gets abused by trolls. Anyone who wants the link can request and I will email it to you). I didn't download their full albums coz I want to buy them, but I did get all the singles and Kame's audio-ripped performances.

I take back what I said in this post, that KAT-TUN serves a meagre fare. I've listened to about 50 of their songs and I can honestly say none made me bored or wanna go to sleep (Sayonara - Gackt, anyone?). Which is usually an indication that the songs I'm listening to rank from good to excellent. Now I can understand why their singles keep getting number one at the chart. Despite losing an important member, they still rock at the chart and keep having sell out concerts. Keep up the good work, guys!

I'm currently loving all the songs in their "Change UR World" single. Please don't argue with me over production quality, song composition skill, audio presentation, pitch value or whateva technical issues with it coz I know none of those. I just know that they sound good to my ears, and that's good enough fer me. I'm easy to please, na? hehe

Interestingly enough, I love Niito Man (second after Give Me, Give Me, Give Me) and that's by Ueda Tatsuya. And Girls is cool too (what does it mean by NTT presented by Junnosuke Taguchi? I don't get that). I wish each member gets to sing almost equal portion per song. Despite my lustlove for Kame, I really want to hear the others' vocals scattered all throughout KAT-TUN songs too.. like in Never x Over. That'll be nice. Anyway... MARU SAIKO!!! There, just wanted to get that out of the way before I go slobbering over Kame again in my next posts.

* * * INSERT * * *

Yesasia has just mailed me a sparkling new CD... yeay!! It's Buiikikaesu by Maximum The Hormone (2007). The first time I heard their songs ("Zetsubou Billy" and "What's Up, People?!") was in the Death Note anime, and I just fell in love. Took me years to buy their album though *cough* ...but hey, at least now I got it! I went berserk when I found out that those two songs are in the CD (so shoot me for not knowing that before I bought it).. *hyperAmi* ..LOVE LOVE LOVE their song:

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