Saturday, January 22, 2011

[Feature] 中村 中 (Nakamura Ataru) in Cartoon KAT-TUN ep 37

Kame and Koki interviewed her in the Love Disc segment. I got suddenly interested in the singer when she said she wrote the lyrics to one of her songs, Friend's Song, at the age of 15. And I was stunned too when I looked it up. What was I doing when I was 15? Certainly not writing something this heartbreaking. I was too busy trying to pass my exam with flying colours so my brother wouldn't decapitate me.

I looked up another of her song too.. Dirty Underwear. The lyrics is depressing. Just the kind of emotion I hate simply because I can feel it too well without any need to experience it for myself. Me and my empathetic nature. I'm just glad I was saved all those years ago.

I just finished reading a very long and involved fanfic and the story is by no means finished. Before this, I stumbled on this one and the story (Fragments) is still ongoing too. It's weird how fiction can change the way you look at real people, despite your head telling you the whole thing is not real... that it's all made up. I guess that's why gossips are bad for our mental health. Anyway, the stories make me wonder whether I'm cut out to be a writer. I doubt I can have as much patience as these two fanfic authors have.

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