Saturday, January 8, 2011

[Random] In which Gackt (or rather, GACKT) finally exposed his basement...

When I wrote about Gackt going normal on me, I didn't mean that he's become 'ordinary'. I think Gackt has lived too long being different, he'd purposely try to do something different than what everyone else is doing even when there's no need to. 

Nope. It's because I feel that he's becoming like any other artists... aimlessly taking jobs that they feel like doing. To understand what I mean by this, you must be obsessed enough about his Moon Project to collect at least all his CDs, Platinum Boxes, concert DVDs and any of his interviews on it you can find on the net. And have discussed it endlessly with anyone willing enough to put up with your crazy theories. I even won a forum writing contest with a story based on the darkside inhabitants. 

Oh, and try to translate at least the prologue to his Moon Child-related novel, Requiem, with a paper dictionary and only 3-months intro to basic japanese. I even wanted to buy one of his jewelery dakedo, bimbo dakara.. okane ga nai. So yeah... imagine how I felt when he said he was REBORN and all that, which also means that the Moon Project will be discontinued.

Gackt-san, I will not buy any of your future works! *is sulking* ...and any further posts I write about you here will consist of more rants until you give me something so interesting I'll forgive this 'normal' period you're going through. Please hurry up and experience all those 'normal' things you've always wanted to do and come back with something that can make me happy again, o-ke?

Anyway, so many TV shows want to be the ones that report on his house. Up to now.. I think I've watched... three? or is it four? ...different shows that interview Gackt about his living quarters. But I think this is the one Gackt gave the most access to. Well, despite the 'night mode' camera. And I love his dojo-exercise clippies. The 2nd clip is still not fully subbed though.

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