Saturday, January 8, 2011

[Random] Hyun Joong hyung-chama.... I miss you!!!

Is this what that BYJ fan meant by... "when BYJ became so famous we hardly see him anymore"? When hyung was with SS501 in DSP, they're all over the place doing all sorts of shows and interviews. Suddenly when they're not together under the same agency, I see less and less of his updates. Sabishiiiiii to omoimasu.

I wish KeyEast will put him in some variety shows (hyung loves being in them, right?) instead of sending him to about 5 countries in the space of like.. two weeks.. and all we got to see was his back entering and leaving the various airports. I know they're all big projects and award shows. I'm happy for him and all that... demo, I miss seeing his weird side. Let me just confess this.. if hyung is just a good-looking, talented artist and nothing more, I would not have been obsessed with him. I don't think I would have been a fan, even. I like him because he's.. well, different.

KeyEast no minna-san, don't keep Kim Hyun Joong hyung-nim under wraps like you did BYJ. Let him out more.. we want to see his colourful sides again. And hyung, you don't have to restrain yourself so much just because you're becoming more serious about your work. Please... just be yourself and have fun~ ♥

I'm being a very patient fan right now coz he promised us an album in ...mmm, May... I think. So yeah, am patiently reading his updates in other people's blogs. Hopefully he'll be in 1 movie and 1 dorama this year. He doesn't have to be the main character... that way, he doesn't have to spend so much time and face too much pressure. Hyung-chan.. you can do it! Ganbatte neeeee! \(^o^)/

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