Sunday, December 26, 2010

Welcome to JRock! ...and Kamenashi Kazuya (if you still read my blog after this post, we should be friends)

I guess this post has been germinating in my pervy brain (there, I said it) after I read this post about Kame last night. It's true that after being raised on practically nothing but rock music (it was my first and most enduring love) and later finding my way into JRock, watching Real Face made me go... "geh, pretentious little poseurs".

But I'm always game for a new experience, and I thought Johnny's experiment with merging pop and rock was.. (and I'm trying very hard to suppress my cynical side here) ... amusing, enough to get me to take notice of the group that performed the song. I promptly put my interest in the pretty marionettes dancing to jarring guitar riffs at the back-burner though and went back to jrock right after the performance clip finished playing.

I got dragged into KAT-TUN's world again not through their songs, but through their acting... well, namely by the acting stint of two of the group members. What else, Gokusen 2 of course. At the time, I was very... I mean, verrrry... interested in Jin. But after realizing what a bad actor he is and having no interest in the meagre fare KAT-TUN dished out, I promptly dropped Jin and his group along with him. To be fair, it's not just KAT-TUN... it's the whole Johnny Jimusho idoru concept that I (still) can't stomach.

This happened with another actor I had mad crush with... Tomoya Nagase. I really really liked him, and I wish he had left TOKIO & JJ and gone out to pursue his own path.. gah! Have you seen the idoru groups' backup dancers? They're barely out of their diapers yet there they are up on a big stage performing fanservices for the world to see. How sick is that? It's like a bloody slave factory in there. I guess I would have felt differently had it not felt so contrived and forced (maybe I feel this way because they're so young).

Eh, I digressed. Anyway, I'm back into watching KAT-TUN clips now because of Kame. I have no idea why people call him a bad actor, but they must have watched some of his old dramas that I haven't watched yet. That's why I get it when E.G. said in her post that Kame has two facets to his personality. In fact, now he has a 3rd facet... that of a sportsman... ha! Have you seen him play? How can he be so many different people at once? Makes you wanna go.. "Will the Real Kamenashi please stand up?!" This guy is too interesting to ignore, seriously. I have no problem with his stage performances either. Me guessing that KAT-TUN tries to emulate rockers in their performances is what makes it easily acceptable to me. Why? We've come to the real reason of why I wrote this meandering post....


And I was obsessed with this jrocker dude for two years. He's the one I listened to, read & wrote on, discussed the music/live performance/PV/movie/etc. with my friends about from the moment I opened my eyes till I went to sleep. Even there I wasn't really safe because he regularly invaded my dreamscape. Yes, for two bloody years... before he suddenly went normal on me. (He said he was ~REBORN~) Meh. Normal artists are so... normal, ergo uninteresting. Wanna know which performance that got me hooked on him? It's this one...

So, you can understand why I find Kame's performances to be pretty ...ermmm, how to say this without exposing my pervy self further... mild? In comparison. I like his self-abandonment when he's on the stage. It's pretty obvious that he's conscious of all his gyrating movements, but it seems like.. he just pushes every little gesture beyond the border of what he feels is safe for him. It's fun watching him watch himself performing.. LOL. Mesmerizing shtuff.

And if you think Kame's pole dancing is gay and so not on, what do you think about Rain when you watch this, huh? :P

Kame's more controlled when he's acting though, staying in character despite showing familiar mannerisms. I like him in dramas when he has to deal with love issues. I think it's how he looks at the girls. To me, a guy is sexiest when he looks at a girl perplexedly, trying to decide what is the best course of action to take regarding anything and everything about her. Maybe I'm just projecting my feelings onto the characters he played, but they all seem to have that quality in their eyes. Eager to please, yet not knowing how, but still trying his hardest anyway. Don't you think a guy like that is sexy? ♥

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