Saturday, December 11, 2010

[Drama I'm currently following] Mary Stayed Out all Night / Marry Me Mary - Ep 9

Contain Spoilers!

I was surprised that this drama has a very low rating, probably coz Jang Geun Suk's dramas have always had high rating. Oh wait.. You're Beautiful has a low rating too.. but it has a cult following! Anyway, ever since Playful Kiss got thrashed at the rating section, I never believe in domestic ratings anymore. This is probably the only drama that will have two guys I follow in the same lobby, restaurant and bedroom in my lifetime so I’m savouring the moment. It took me around 5 hours to finish this episode coz of the excessive rewind movements I made.. LOL. So many worthy MR-MG moments. I wish I had a cat.. I’d so name him Mu Gyul. Cute cat!! I'll probably suffocate it with with my overly affectionate hugs.

I can’t be bothered about the kiss at the end of the ep. If MR thinks she’s gonna be dating MG without running into a hundred ex-gfs.. not to mention fans and students.. trying to get their hands and lips on him, she has another think coming. And yeah.. MG has to start conditioning his non-confrontational brain to activate his non-confrontational body to push those pathetic girls away in the future. And what if there’re paparazzis following SJ to get another scandal scoop? If MG is still the music director of the drama.. won’t that be another problem for the production team?

Anyway.. the scene that actually made me go berserk is the meet-up between JI and MG.. kyaaaaaa! Jung-In, is talking about Mae Ri and business the only thing you can come up with as an excuse to stare at Mu Gyul for more than 10 minutes?? hahaha..I love this alternate couple. Someone make a fanfic already!

That said, I wish they throw some more likable characters into the mix. Right now, aside from MR and MG, I can’t seem to like anyone else. The parents are out of the list from the beginning, Jung-In is like a display mannequin in almost all the scenes (Why Jae Wook.. why? I watched this drama for you! I know you can be a brooding guy and still be full of life.. so why are you taking this easy way out? Is it at the behest of the director? I'm in despair...), I ish still wondering why Seo Joon is necessary, MR’s friends are mere (annoying) decorations, MG’s friends are just a bunch of cheerleaders.. how are the writers supposed to fill up 7 more episodes? I hope JI will still go with his decision to include MG and his motley crew in the drama. That’d be fun. I want more 'live' performances from the Absolute Perfection band!

IMO.. this type of drama will work better as a rom com M3 is supposed to be. I guess the writers have run out of wit by ep 3. That bedroom scene is epic and the screencaps/gifs should be immortalized in forums and chatrooms all over cyberspace!!!

Character analysis up to the current episode:
  • Jung In who goes through life doing everything his father wants him to. Everything is bottled up with this guy. I can’t even imagine him shout at a wall when he’s angry. Throwing him into a brawl with Mu Gyul certainly made me see him as a human being, so he needs to be put in situations where he has to blow up once in awhile (preferably at his dad, but the old man is terminally ill so I doubt that will happen). I think, rather than MR, it’s with MG that he gets to be more himself and not a puppet controlled by his dad.
  • Mae Ri who seems to think that she’s carrying the world’s problems on her tiny shoulders. She’s always going everywhere trying to fix things and she has no idea that the more she helps, the more the people she helps are bound to her. It’s precisely because she’s so understanding, always have the right things to say, will try to be beside them when they’re in trouble.. that all the guys are fighting over her now. And I think it’s sick that JI’s dad wants to keep her tied to his home just coz she looks a lot like her mom.. the woman he loved but couldn’t marry.
  • Seo Jun who just goes with the flow.. most probably because she’s always got whatever she’s wanted since she was young.. that the only rebellion she displayed against her family is working as an actress. I doubt she’s doing it becoz she loves the profession or else why is it that she doesn’t care when she’s labeled as a difficult artist? Why does she have such a nonchalant attitude towards her craft? If you’ve left your family becoz they don’t approve of the choices you’ve made.. shouldn’t you work harder to show them that you have chosen well? She’s so hollow. Maybe that’s what attracts her to Mu Gyul in the first place… his passion in music that completely overshadows all other concerns in his life. She thinks it’s love though.
  • Mu Gyul whose music is his food, his air, his salvation. I think he would have ended up on the wrong side of society without his love for his music. Encounters with all the women in his life (except for his mom and relatives, of course) were made possible only through his music. Even Mae Ri was not spared the crush when she saw him perform for the first time. I doubt his lifestyle that comes with his music will change, but he does need to separate between the women worthy to be let into his life and those who should just stay on its fringe. I don’t want his character to change much.. I love his free spirit, that he can sleep on thea street when he’s too sleepy or drunk just coz he feels like it. I love that he doesn’t use the GPS because he doesn’t like it when someone tells him what to do. I love that he uses bricks as bookends and that he has a swing right smack in the middle of his apartment. I love his over-the-top accessories and his shredded pants and his coats with their thick furry collars. I love his obsession with his hair. I love a lot of things about Mu Gyul that whenever the others push him with marriage talks, the thought that all the things I love about Mu Gyul may disappear as he tries to be more responsible about his relationship with Mae Ri is not making me happy one bit. I hope he can change and yet stay the same. Is that possible, newly-appointed scriptwriters? I really hope it is.
What is this obsession about marriage in this drama anyway?? I'm sorry, but I don't get it. It actually reminds me of a movie that also obsesses over marriage, i.e. 'Four Weddings and A Funeral', where the guy ends up proposing to the girl (or was it the other way around?) not to marry him.

Dear new scriptwriters, even if you want to change everything about this story by the last episode.. can you not make Mu Gyul wear a work suit?? I will cry buckets if you end up making him into a regular salaryman just to make him suitable for marriage. Who says you can't be a glam rocker and get married? I can give you a list of famous rockers, glam or no, whom people deem unsuitable for family life but are still happily married after so many years. Well, I'm sorta a rock chick in my spare time so I should know this, at least. So please... let Mu Gyul keep his hot pink tops and clunky rings and spiky mittens and girly hair until the end, kay.

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