Monday, December 20, 2010

[Uploaded Drama] The most moving kissing scene I've ever watched in my whole entire drama-watching life (up until now, that is)

Yamato Nadeshico Shichi Henge, final episode...

It's easy to explain why I love japanese doramas more than korean ones, despite having more beautiful actors to obsess over congregating in the latter.

Jdoramas uplift my weary soul, teach me about my own fighting spirit, open my eyes to other possibilities I can explore in life rather than the ones set before me by my elders, tell me unwaveringly that the path I choose is the right one simply because it is the one I decide for myself and not decided by others.

Several times I was told by several different characters in several different stories that "Jibun no chikara o shinjiro" (believe in your own power). I usually come away from a good story, such as YamNade feeling rejuvenated and optimistic about life. The more obstacles the characters face, the harder they fight.. even if it's just to earn the right to love and to love whomever they want to love.

Kdramas (99% of them anyway) follow such a rigid formula that it's becoming easy for someone as jaded as I am to predict what comes next.. in terms of scene, in terms of plot, everything. I even liken them to hindi movies and my friends agree with me. Predictability is good for relaxation, but it won't turn the drama into a mania.

Do you believe that a good story can change a life? I do. I've changed so many times as I follow one story after another to a point where I don't even remember what I was like a year ago. Of course I've retained some of my original traits, but some characters and stories are impressive enough that they've changed me or at least changed the way I look at my surrounding and my life.

I guess everyone has his/her own preference. I've learnt to mix between the two in order to keep me entertained in the best way possible. Right now I'm concurrently watching Kami no Shizuku and M3 and I'm having a blast.

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