Thursday, December 9, 2010

[Fanmeeting] 101204 SS501' Kim Hyun Joong 金賢重 Fans Gathering @ Malaysia

I was quite far at the back coz I didn't buy the RM300 worth THEFACESHOP product to qualify me for the special entry.. but his magnificent aura cut through the crowd and still managed to hit me right where my heart is. It's my first time following an idoru to this extent and I'm still shaken by the experience. Felt like I was walking on air right afterwards.. and up till today, I still can't believe I've actually seen hyung live.

He exists! He really does exist!!! Hyung is not just a figment of my imagination!

Rant section:

  • The organizers really have to work harder next time if they want to give the best experience for the fans of a star of his stature. Quite a lot of the fans were complaining loudly whenever we were pushed to and fro by Pavillion customers who wandered into the venue. Me? I was too busy grinning / giggling / screaming and enjoying my first fanmeet experience to complain about anything, really
  • Where was this event held... Singapore? Taiwan? China? Wasn't this venue in Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of Malaysia? Where's our national language? Look at the US... do the Asian Americans there use their own diverse languages in a public event? Nope.. they use standard American English. Ours is the only country in the world whose people are embarrassed to use their own national language... huh
Hyung-nim said he'll come here again to promote his first solo album. I want to work hard to get in the signing queue. Hope the date won't clash with any work-related events or my diving schedule... please, please, please. I want to see him right in front of my face this time. If I can have that experience, do you think I'll survive it? Will I faint when I see him smile at me? Kyaaaaaaaa! Just the thought of him smiling at me that up close is making me giddy... LOL

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