Wednesday, December 22, 2010

[Uploaded Drama] Kami no Shizuku - Kamenashi Kazuya

"Using one's own strength to bring out the best"

Can wine teach you about life? Can wine bring you closer to your family? In my opinion, Kami no Shizuku gives us more understanding of the humans who pursue the path of wine than the wines they introduce to us in each episode.

Despite working on a script based on a still unfinished manga (it's still ongoing), I thought the drama wraps up everything very nicely. I can understand why Maki-san's behaviour was so erratic and bordering on self-destruction and I learnt to appreciate her feelings for what it is (although, she should have been honest with it from the beginning as that would have saved Issei-san and herself a lot of anguish), from being mesmerized with Issei-san's seeming fascination with the dark side in the first few episodes to liking him a lot more than Shizuku by the final episode, I cheered for Shizuku all the way despite screaming at him occasionally when he tries to run away yet again, I like his nakama and wish that I had such a supportive bunch at work too (but I think that's asking too much), all the while being able to stare at various beautiful shades of wines in various beautiful settings... I think this is a drama I can watch over and over again. I think I want to try finding it in a video store. Kame is pretty popular in my country so hopefully they stock all his dramas. In fact, every drama I've watched him in (Nobuta wa Produce, YamNade, and now this) is a keeper.

I have no idea how such a nice drama can receive such a low rating despite it winning awards and Kame getting Best Actor for it, but I guess the japanese TV watchers are as incomprehensible as the korean ones, so I won't grumble about that kinda thing anymore. I've had my fill of grumbling over domestic ratings when I was following Playful Kiss, and now Marry Me Mary. I'm not gonna start another rating rant post over jdoramas since it would be a complete waste of my time. And I seriously don't want to get into discussions on the anti-Kame movement who supposedly boycott any drama or episode or project he appears in (how can they deeply hate someone they don't even know personally??). Maybe I'm too old to understand that kind of irrational shiz. Are those kids for real? I like whom I like, what I like... and if I can't stand anyone or anything, I won't spend hours writing about them in my blog or mobilize a mob to attack them online or off.

I can't dislike any of the characters in this drama.. everyone has his/her own place in which to shine. Some may seem more lackluster than others but they're still necessary to the story. I still wish to list all the wines in this drama, but I'll try to find that VCD boxset first. It'll be nicer with screencaps. I also have a craving for the manga. Did you know it won the French Wine Mag's Top Award? In the manga, there are 13 wines to be found... 12 Apostles and the 1 Kami no Shizuku. It has only got up to the 27th volume and the 7th Apostle. Mada mada desu.

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