Tuesday, December 14, 2010

[Uploaded Drama] Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge: 10 episodes

Yappari... jdorama ga ichiban! It's impactful, it has an arc throughout the drama yet you can as easily get attached to the individual episodes too. Best of all, it knows how to quit when the story has run its course and doesn't go on and on just because it has a high rating when it's aired.

SAIKOU DESU! Kanpeki da... "Perfect Girl Evolution" no ai no monogatari. Manga o yomitai!

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Oyoyo... when has he become so interesting? I liked him in Gakusen 2 and I loved the shonen ai pairing in Nobuta wa Produce. But I've never been impressed with him before, and then this drama came and WHAM! I was hit by the Kame typhoon.

Skimming through his wiki info, I wonder.. is he some sort of an award collector? From the time he debuted in dramas, the only year he didn't get Best Supporting Actor or Best Actor was in 2008. That's some serious talent, man.

O yeah.. he got Best Actor for this drama too.. @_@

I still can't believe he's the same age as hyung... he feels much older than 24 y.o in his dramas despite playing schoolboys in all the ones I've watched him in (in this, he's a university student). I've never cared to follow the j-pop scene since I'm more into j-rock and so, since I don't look up his non-drama clips on youtube I don't know what Kazuya Kamenashi is like outside the realm of his fictional characters.

I want to watch all his dramas. Next one would be: Kami no Shizuku.


  1. I see you love Yamanade too...and KnS!!! I love then too..I dun understand why people dun like KnS..that's like one of my first Kame's drama..he's my ichiban btw
    just wanna ask, are you Malaysian?

  2. I love Yamnade! Bought the DVD even though I've watched the drama online.. hehe

    Couldn't find Kami no Shizuku DVD though.. searched everywhere for it ...I want to do screencaps! ... *sulks*

    Yes, I'm a Malaysian! ^^