Sunday, December 5, 2010

[Uploaded Movie] Nodame Cantabile: The Final Score Part i & II

I ended up watching the two Nodame Cantabile movies I've put off watching for sometime. Now, my Nodame experience is really complete. I feel sad, somehow. I doubt they're gonna do another movie or drama since everything has concluded rather nicely.

NC is a story that is hard to review. If you hate the sound of a piano or classical music, you'd better stay away from it as the two are played for almost the entire duration of the movies. The story of Nodame and Chiaki cannot be told without the music that connects them together. I doubt they can live without their music the way I doubt they can live without each other.

I think what makes me feel so touched during Chiaki's conducting is the story told in the voice-over during the orchestra. I also love the background that comes with every song Nodame plays. I think NC is the most hardworking drama I've ever watched in my life.. from the set, to the cast, to the extras, to the backdrop, to the musical performances.. everything is just... WOW! It's one of those dramas we wish would be aired once a week forever as long as we all shall live.

This is the performance I love the most out of the two movies..

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