Saturday, December 11, 2010

[Drama I'm currently following] Mary Stayed Out all Night / Marry Me! Mary!

... hereby called M3 coz I'm a lazy typist.

M3 is one classic example to illustrate why my reason for watching a drama or movie is based on the actors/actresses I follow rather than any trust in its plots or story. In fact, the writer has already left the building in an effort by the production to boost the rating. Rating, schmating. If they cut down a large chunk of Mu Gyul-Mae Ri time and stuff the drama full of dramatics just to pull the adult crowd, I'm gonna be one unhappy fan.

There're so many interesting Jang Geun Suk-Kim Jae Wook moments in this drama that I'm completely on the M3 boat right now. Not to mention that the Mu Gyul-Mae Ri couple is the cutest couple in k-dramaland I've ever stumbled upon. Jang Geun Suk has not been able to score in the cute couple department in his previous dramas. I refuse to go gaga over a pairing that ends up with one of them being dead in the end.. so the Hwang Jin Yi-Heon Keum pairing totally doesn't work on me. Despite liking Tae Kyung a lot.. the Tae Kyung-Go Mi Nam couple only got cute about a few episodes nearing the end. Well, actually only during that last scene when they're both staring at the stars while mouthing mushy dialogues to each other. And he didn't get the girl in Hong Gil Dong & Beethoven Virus.

However, I'm not too happy with the way Mu Gyul's character is progressing. They're making him succumb too fast to the demands of several annoying members of society when he's been pretty successful at ignoring them for most of his life. Just because you fall in love for the first time doesn't mean you have to seriously consider changing yourself at every turn. Where's the carefree Mu Gyul? He's looking more and more grim with every episode. I want to see him running through the streets and laughing in abandon with Mae Ri in tow again. Even their escape to the place where they want to watch the sunset is interlaced with pretty dry talks about building a family and growing old together. Eeeep... kids, you're too young to be thinking about such stuffy things. Enjoy your youth! It goes away in the blink of an eye~

The subbed episodes (up to ep 9) can be found in Youtube:

I like the Episode 9 recap by girfriday in Dramabeans. Go read!

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