Saturday, December 25, 2010

[Upcoming Drama] Bartender - Masaki Aiba

I mentioned this anime in this post and said that despite it being super boring, I enjoyed it very much. So imagine my surprise when I got to know that they're making a drama adaptation of it.


It stars Masaki Aiba, a member of Arashi. I have always tried to avoid dramas/movies by idoru stars with the exception of Kame and Jun... oh, and Tomoya... coz they're all sorts of awesome in practically all the dramas/movies I've watched them in, so by virtue of being in a drama I'm definitely going to watch when it airs, Masaki Aiba will be the 4th idoru star in my drama list.

I love it when the actors learn all sorts of skills for the dramas they're in. It simply adds authenticity and makes me appreciate them all the more coz they're worked so hard to make the stories come alive. Here's a preview of the drama. The release date (tentatively) is January 2011. Be looking forward to it!

An extended version of the CM can be found here (embedding is disabbled)

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