Saturday, November 7, 2009

Korbo Lorbo Jeetbo!

..and of course the interview zooms in to the most important question (at least to Kolkata fans, I guess) with the new coach. Reading the interview, I kinda get an idea about the kind of criteria the management are searching for in Mr. B's successor. And it's the right attitude too: "Team First!" (something Mr. B didn't seem to be clued in until the end. I mean, who cares about YOUR long-term plans if the team you're coaching was shot to hell on the field 2 years in a row.. geh).

Neeways, I can already smell the IPL excitement in the air.. and although I can't follow it avidly this time (by surfing hours and hours for news on the net since I don't own cable and my net is too slowass to stream the games) due to my deadlines catching up on me, I pray for a series of victory in 2010 for the team I support.. KKR, of course! :P

Long Live the King's Men!!!

I guarantee harmony: Dav

Captain Sourav Ganguly’s record, so to say, with Australian coaches hasn’t been good... Greg Chappell, John Buchanan... Is that at the back of your mind?

Look, an easy answer would be that it’s a thing of the past... I know about it, but I’m looking forward to a strong relationship with him... Sourav, I know, feels the same way.

But would there be enough space in the KKR dressing room for two rather strong-minded individuals?

Strong-minded... You’re saying that...I guarantee that there will be harmony within the group. Unless there’s harmony, no team can be successful.

Your impressions of Sourav as captain?

He’s India’s most successful (in Tests) and figures don’t lie... He’s definitely shrewd and has a lot to offer... Sourav’s got the experience and that, coupled with his desire that the franchise do well, is a potent combination... Indeed, he’s central to the scheme of things.

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