Thursday, November 5, 2009

What do I love about Shah Rukh Khan? Let me count the ways...


The fact that he can see past all the craziness and get right to the heart of the matter.. that the media remains his steady 'friend' from back when he started in the industry until now. Doesn't make a jot of difference how many new faces it continually presents to him, theirs is a symbiotic relationship. He was so popular with the press, I read that he even got a 5-page interview article written on him even back when he was in Fauji (I want to read that interview! Somebody upload it, pls!).

And even though he was the epitome of the 'angry young man' in his youth (managing to nearly get himself jailed for harassing a journo who wrote all sorts of crap about his Maya Memsaab co-star) ..he's pretty collected, more down-to-earth, a picture of humility and patience-personified nowadays. I find his current way of dealing with the media (as opposed to "get out of my face, you annoying upstart of a journo! I want my privacy!" approach most celebrities take) very refreshing, more humane, sharply intelligent, and awesomely cool.

This one becomes invisible, dunno why. So here's the link..

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