Sunday, November 15, 2009

Takeshi Kaneshiro...

I must have loved him from my previous lives.. if there's such a thing. Or at least, I feel like I've loved him since forever.. mmm, since Lavender (2000) to be exact. Before that I was just salivating over his pretty face. After that movie, I fell in love (or was it lust?) hard. Mostly over that massaging scene.. o yumm.

Then Returner (2002) just made me go on top of the moon mad over him. He's so beautiful, yet he plays all sorts of roles that don't give a dem about his pretty face. In fact, I often find myself getting confused between ogling his prettiness and feeling worried over his characters' luck in life. A lot of his early movies, esp the Hong Kong ones, are really really wacky LOL.

I love him in Lost and Found (1996).. he was such a puppy in that movie.. so cute!

Found his interviews lying around on youtube.. oh, did I forget to tell ya gals/guys that he can speak all those languages fluently?? Needless to say, I went berserk. Takeshi, I love you!!! I'm thinking that I want to dedicate some time to explore the treasure trove I just found on him in youtube. Must find all his nice movies and buy them.. hmmm.

In Japanese:

Returner: Part 1, Part 2

In Chinese:

In English:

Part 2, Part 3

In Cantonese:

Part 2

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