Thursday, December 10, 2009

How did you know that, Shah Rukh??

Hoshiz...I didn't know that. Is anyone else as clueless as I am or am I the only ignorant person in the crowd?

Yeah, that was me mumbling to myself while staring incredulously at this statement: "I have always been a huge fan of Sylvester Stallone who was a porn star before becoming a Hollywood superstar." (link)

So what did I do? Went on Google to find the truth, of course. And this is what I found. Apparently the movie is released as The Italian Stallion (link). What a name! No wonder Shah Rukh was going on about the 'positivity and clarity' stuff...

Ok, for those of you.. my silent readers.. who are staring at this blog post and thinking.. she's completely lost it.. I was actually LOL-ing around while watching the youtube clip below. Look at that poker face while spouting "I've always wanted to be a porn star.."

Shah Rukh, you're killing me! *kisses*

..and I fully agree with what Farah said. First they asked why is she only working with Shah Rukh. Now they're asking whether the reason why she's not working with him is becoz they're having a fight. Whaaaa..?? Make up your mind, morons!

Anyway, I like that Farah Khan is working with a hero other than Shah Rukh.. and that too, Akshay. He's cool in action movies and if it's Farah, it usually will be packed with action. I mean.. look at Main Hoon Na, and OSO is jam-packed with all sorts of activities.

Of course if you were to ask me, I'd say I'd rather have Happy New Year in 2010 rather than another 2 years in the future but hey..we can't always get everything we wish for, right? I'll be content with getting my anxiously awaited Don 2 for now.

And oh look! Look! Somebody wrote that Shah Rukh is an intelligent actor (link). Awww.. scho cuteeee.. *whack* ..that's for being so late in getting clued in. Baka~ (it's japanese for 'stupid'. Ish my favourite word)

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