Sunday, December 13, 2009

I miss this movie.. I want to buy the CD!

I can't get over how sexy he is in this movie like in almost every frame! (shyaddap all you who don't think so..LOL), despite not acting in a romantic role. What I like the most about Maxie's image? The earring! I also love it that he is constantly clothed in an undershirt.. o yumm. I love the cut-off gloves too, and the bicycle chain he's always swinging around.

I know some fans hate Ash due to some of her remarks regarding the issues they had after Chalte Chalte, but what can I say.. I have a preference for big-eyed, cutesy females. Anyway, I think Ash and Shah Rukh make a nice on-screen couple and I'm one of those few fans in the SRK fandom who want them to get together in a movie again..dem her ex-bf for ruining their work and personal relationships.

They look good as brother and sister here, but then.. Shah Rukh has never not been able to carry out any relationship equation with his co-stars. When he's a college student, even after we've seen him in suits and an 8-year old daughter just a few frames before, he'll be believable as a college student. When he's an older brother, even with an intensely attractive and over-gorgeous taller younger brother, he manages to grab the screen whenever they're together in a scene (according to the unbiased me). When he's playing this (psychotic? delusional?) teacher in love with a dead girl, even when he's standing right next to the imposing and charismatic school principal, he manages to appear to be not just the saner one.. but the more righteous person of the two.

There's an art form to Shah Rukh's method of acting. I can't figure it out or why I'm so drawn to him despite whatever the official/unofficial critics say about his acting ability. I love the way he approaches a scene, his character, the surrounding characters.. everything. There's an empathy between him and what's unfolding in the story that makes me want to absorb every single gesture, expression, action, etc. of his. I don't feel this way about any other actor, no matter how greater an actor he is as compared to Shah Rukh (according to everybody else). I don't understand why there's a need to explain this biased reaction of mine towards Shah Rukh to anyone, really. I like him the best.. better than the rest.. toh kiya?

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